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Every woman wants long, thick, and elastic eyelashes. Many of us will go to any lengths to achieve them. This is why eyelash growth products are being developed and produced. Most of these products are clinically tested and certified. Products, however, are of different types, producers and purposes. It is never easy to identify the best eyelash growth product that you want to use.


Many eyelash growth products are mostly serum. It is important to identify one that won’t react with your skin or cause other health problems such as allergies. Each product has an instruction sheet on how to apply or use the product. Ensure you read it thoroughly before use. If you use contact lenses, read more on the best growth product for you. You can also remove your contact lenses before applying the eyelash growth product to avoid discoloration and destruction of your lenses.

Seeking medical advice before using any of the eyelash growth products is one of the best safety methods that you can use and implement. This may seem futile now for you, but many of the eyelash growth products are well known and tested by doctors.

How it Works

Eyelash growth products work by being applied to the eyelashes. They have active agents that are said to penetrate in to the eyelashes hair follicles. The serum in the products provides the eyelashes with nutrients and keeps them hydrated. This ensures that they grow longer and stronger; at the same time become thicker.The products must, however, be applied in a systematic order if you want to achieve the desired results. The outcome is thicker, longer, shining and more elastic eyelashes.

Application does not always have the desired side effects and therefore it is important to be prepared for any outcomes or side effects. This can, however, be avoided. Ensure you are fully informed on the eyelash growth products and their ingredients before using any. Also you should know your body especially your skin.

Side Effects

Eyelash growth products ensure more beauty is achieved by growing the eyelashes. They however also have other side effects. Some of the side effects include itchiness, inflammation of the eye, redness and a burning feeling. These are however minor side effects that will disappear once you stop using the eyelash growth product.

Other Effects

Eyelash growth products have other side effects. Extra reddened eyes that indicate more blood flow into the eye capillaries. Pronounced rings around the eyes or the eyelid that may appear to be dark. Pigmentation in the iris that would make a blue iris appear brown. These effects may be reversible however care should be taken when using any eyelash growth product or risk the effects becoming permanent. This is especially for those using products that contain glaucoma as an ingredient.

Longer and thicker eyelashes make a woman look confident, sure of herself and much more beautiful. The use of eyelash growth product should be toned down to a must use or if prescribed by a doctor. It is easy to use a product that will make you end up in a hospital bed. Therefore before using such a product it is advisable to have yourself checked by a physician and have him prescribe the best eyelash growth product for you.

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