DIY Faux Opals Jewelry

Make beautiful faux opals in every hue for your jewelry projects! Watch the short video tutorial here:

DIY Faux Opals Jewelry


Inspired From:

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    1. Knead equal parts of the molding putty together and create a flat ball
    2. & 3. Push the cabochons into the molding putty and wait 10 minutes for your mold to set
    4. Cut angel hair into small pieces so it looks like chunky glitter
    5. Mix a small amount of the Glaze Coat together
    6. Mix in the angel hair pieces into the Glaze Coat
    7. Pour into the molds and pop bubbles with a small torch or lighter
    8. When set (wait 8 hours) paint the backs with different colors of nail polish
    *This will give the opals different colors
    9. Set in jewelry with E-6000 glue


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