Laurie’s Beautiful Kitchen Pantry Organization + Free Labels


After 10 years of being a Tip Junkie, I’ve learned a thing or two from really creative and organized women.  {to say the least. HA!}  One of my all time favorite things to organize is my food pantry.

Whether you have a walk in pantry, freestanding pantry, or a storage closet I think you’ll agree that when everything has a place and easily grabbed then it’s easy to keep organized and find what you need in a hurry.

Oval Kitchen Pantry Labels for Storage

EHprint Free Printable File:
Free Labels for Kitchen Pantry (854 downloads)

I have very busy boys who require consistency.  Which means if I’ve got an easy system to maintain ~ life is just plain easier.  I hope you’ll pick up a tip or two with my kitchen pantry organization tips and free printable labels. {click link above}

Lauries Beautiful Kitchen Pantry Organization
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$50 to $100
1-2 Hours
Grown Up Best Friend

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    My Pantry Problems:

    1.  My boys needed to help put groceries away.

    2.  Last snack before bedtime was usually a sugary treat.  Resulting in daily repeat conversations. {a.k.a. nagging}

    3.  Wire closet storage racks made things fall and stack wonky.

    4.  It was ugly and dark.



  • Step 2

    My Pantry Solution:

    1.  Labels {print the free labels}

    2.  Bins.  I sat down and really evaluated how we ate, our routines and lifestyle, issues we have, and how we eat.

    It’s no secret that I adore bins.  They bring order and color. Without a lid they provide my “dump method of organizing”.

    3.  Bins not only created more space but also better containerized smaller items which wouldn’t stack properly on the wire wracks.

    4.  I painted it a very light yellow and decorated with colorful fabric bins and bunting that I got from Etsy.  I added them at the top of the kitchen pantry to bring fun and sun to my dark kitchen pantry.

    Since I have all boys, I went kinda crazy with the colors. {giggle}

  • Step 3

    The Strategy:

    Thanks to the labels, now when the boys bring in our groceries they know exactly where to put them.

    When we have “last snack” before bed I grab the snack labeled bin where they get to make their choice.  {sans sugar}  Treats are for after school or dessert after dinner thus creating less groundhog day type conversations by me. {giggle}

    Also when the boys have friends over ~ I can quickly grab the appropriate bins and put them out on the counter in seconds.

    Bin Tips:

    I would suggest a fun color for your bins.  Grey and Brown overtime can feel dirty.  Black is too dark. White gets grodie.  So pick a fun color.

    Also make sure your bins are plastic!  Wicker isn’t sturdy enough. Fabric gets gross.

    Also, I would suggest your bins having a cutout handle so the younger kids can put them away easier.

    The teal bins I used are sized 9″ high x 13.5″ deep x 11″ wide.

    ** Update ** I got these teal plastic bins from Walmart but it looks like they were discontinued as I looked for links but couldn’t’ find them. Sorry!

  • Step 4

    When deciding what to put in each bin ~ really think about what you eat and when.

    I would suggest that your pantry system compliments your current routines rather than trying to make your lifestyle and eating habits work around your pantry.

    Grab and Go:

    When we moved to Texas, I added the smaller “grab and go” bins conveniently placed right when we walk in.  Those are for bread, protein bars, muffins, and weirdly wrapped cookies, etc.

  • Step 5

    Morning System:

    Right below the cereal is a smaller bin of paper bowls and plastic spoons.

    This has created less stress, less dishes, and a quicker morning routine.

  • Step 6

    Free Printable Labels for the Pantry include:

    Baking Mixes
    Baking Products
    Bulk Items
    Easter & Summer
    Flour & Sugar
    Panini Bread
    Paper Products
    Protein Powder
    Side Dishes
    Snacks Crackers
    Valentine & St. Patrick’s

    Just in case you were wondering. HA!

    Tell me what you think! 

    Leave a comment or question below.  I’d love to hear what you love about your pantry and see your organization.


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