Church Fundraiser: You’ve Been Flocked!


If you’re looking for a fundraiser for girls or young women for girls camp or another event consider “You’ve Been Flocked”.

Instead of wrapping a house with toilet paper, the girls add flamingos and hearts!  Neighbors can pay to have their friends flock a house using flamingo yard decorations.

You’ve Been Flocked

You've Been Flocked Fund Raiser

How The Fundraising Works

Use a sign-up genius to have people sign up to pay $ for flamingo’s placed IN the yard of their friends and family.  Each night for two weeks {or so} have the girls take down the flamingos in a yard and put them up in the next yard.  Money can be sent electronically via paypal, Venmo, etc.

You can do it many ways.  However, I prefer it when people pay to have their friends and/or family flocked and NOT when they have to pay if they get flocked.

To me this feels more like a service done for others and not a mandatory payment method if you wake up one morning with tacky yard art in your lawn.  {evil laugh}  That’s what fundraisers should be… service.  However you decide to do it I hope you have fun and enjoy the extra time with your youth.

You Have a Flock Who Loves You Fund Raiser.JPG

You Have a Whole Flock of Friends That Love You!

I sent the flock to my dear friend who recently had surgery.  It was such a wonderful uplift for her kids and family during a stressful time.  Mission Accomplished.

You've Been Flocked Fundraiser for Girls

Sign Fundraising Tips

Add a Way to Sign Up!  Make sure you also place a sign that has a contact name and phone number among the flamingos for those who drive by and would like to have the flamingos placed in a friends yard.

You've Been Flocked by LDS Church Group Fundraiser 1

We didn’t do this the first year and as a result the participants were all members of our church and it didn’t get out to the members of our community as our neighbors didn’t know how to sign up.

You've Been Flocked by LDS Church Sign

I think it’s also important to let people know that it’s a fundraiser and they can join in too.

You've Been Flocked by High School Fundraiser

I would suggest having a custom URL on the sign instead of an email address.  However, you can do it any way that you want.  Don’t forget to add all the contact information on the sign up genius so everyone can get all their questions answered.

You Have a Flock Who Loves You Fundraiser for Girls
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