Giveaway! $120 Bag Gift Set [CLOSED]

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It’s Mom-preneur Monday which means ~ giveaway time!  {happy dance}  Thanking Tip Junkie readers with free products and to encourage you to Buy Mom Made products from Women Owned Businesses.  {win/win}  Use the free products for yourself or to stockpile for holiday gifts and save some major cash!

Bag Gift Set, a $120 value

The winner will receive a $120 Bag Gift Set which includes a Neon Waves beach bag and towel set, gift soap pack #2, ornament, and orange hand towel, a $120 value from Soft Line Design. Turkish towels are great for the pool, beach, travel, bath, decoration, table cloth, or shawl. They dry quickly, very absorbent, and are easy to pack!  The towels can also be worn in a variety of ways.  Brenda’s hand-made soaps are made from an olive-oil base, with various natural ingredients added. They are made by hand in Istanbul, using methods used for generations. Each of the different varieties have different benefits and characteristics depending on the composition. $120 Giveaway by Soft Line Design on Tip Junkie

How To Win

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite Softline Bag Set Pattern ~ Stripe or Ripple?

Get Four Bonus Entries: {completely optional}

**Be sure to let me know what bonus entries you did in a separate comment below for each bonus entry.

Contest ends Sunday, October 15th at midnight CST!


Two Mom Shop Winners!

There will be not only one but TWO lucky winners who will each receive this fabulous $120 prize.

  1. First winner will be picked from the comments below via random number generator.
  2. Second winner from Facebook will be picked via Rafflecopter widget.

I will post the winners on Monday before 3:00 pm, so be sure to check back.  Have fun promoting women in business by commenting, clicking the links, and sharing with your friends! {squeal in delight} Exclusive Discount:  Not the winner? Don’t worry!  Tip Junkie customers get free shipping when buying over $50.00.

Winner is…

Comment #160:  Paula Greenberg  “LOVE the ripple pattern. Ikat is so beautiful 🙂” I’m so excited for Paula to enjoy her prize. Whoohoo!!

Facebook Winner is…

Mila Korn

Congratulations Mila Korn!


  1. Laurie Turk

    Example Comment for a MAIN Entry: I love the stripe and am so happy it’s the neon as that’s my favorite color.

    1. Nancy McCartney

      The Myan pink stripe , jumped off the page for me. outstanding combo

    2. 1.2
    3. Lucinda Cunningham

      I adore both, colors are so happy. Thx for the opportunities.

    4. 1.3
    5. Paula Greenberg

      LOVE the ripple pattern. Ikat is so beautiful 🙂

    6. 1.4
    7. David Bergman

      My favorite towel is the blue stripe set. It just reminds me so much of the sea and the ocean and bluebirds on the snow. It just looks so calming, I could stare at it and it would soak up all my stress.

    8. 1.5
    9. Brandi Cope

      I really like the Purple Ripple towel and bag set! It’s very beautiful!

    10. 1.6
    11. Brandi Cope

      I heart on Facebook

    12. 1.7
    13. Christie Wilson

      I love the orange ripples

    14. 1.8
    15. Jill Hanson

      I like the orange ripple it reminds me of sunshine!

    16. 1.9
    17. Connie Zetocha

      I love them all, but, the blue stripe is my favorite!!!

    18. 1.10
    19. Mary Beth Wainwright

      I’m in love with the ripple, especially orange!!!!!!!!😁

    20. 1.11
    21. Linda Johnson

      I love the stripes, especially the beautiful neon 🙂

    22. 1.12
    23. Linda Johnson

      I heart on Facebook.

    24. 1.13
    25. Linda Johnson

      I commented on Instagram

    26. 1.14
    27. Lisa Dulara

      Love this neon! Ripple for me!

    28. 1.15
    29. Lisa Dulara

      I 💙 on facebook.

    30. 1.16
    31. Vanessa Chambliss

      I love the stripes! The brightness, colors and broadness makes me think of sunshine!

    32. 1.17
    33. Vanessa Chambliss

      Bonus entries…
      – I hearted on Facebook
      – I commented on Instagram
      – And I shared on Facebook
      Thank you!

  2. 2
  3. Laurie Turk

    Example Comment for a BONUS Entry: I heart on Facebook

    1. Nancy McCartney

      Beautiful colors for any decor

    2. 2.2
    3. Lisa Dulara

      I 💜 on fb, shared on fb and liked softlines on Instagram, too! 😊

    4. 2.3
    5. Lisa Dulara

      I shared on Facebook!

  4. 3
  5. Laurie Turk

    Example Comment for a 2nd BONUS Entry: I shared on Facebook

    1. Tracey Daminato

      I love the stripes. Thanks.

      1. Tracey Daminato

        I’m posting my comments here because they won’t post at the bottom.
        – I hearted on Facebook 💜
        – I commented on Instagram
        – And I shared on Facebook
        Thanks again!

    2. 3.2
    3. Brandi Cope

      I shared this on Facebook

    4. 3.3
    5. Jill Hanson

      Bonus entry one: I tried to heart on Facebook, it would only let me use the thumb? I don’t know if it is my tablet?

  6. 4
  7. Cathie Dyer

    1st Bonus Entry: I “loved” on Facebook.

    1. Jill Hanson

      I commented on Instagram.

      1. Lisa Dulara

        I commented on Instagram

  8. 5
  9. Cathie Dyer

    2nd Bonus Entry: I joined the newsletter mailings. Thank you!

    1. Nancy McCartney

      yep for more great ideas

      1. Michelle Fox

        I love the colors on the striped bag

        1. Michelle Fox

          Shared on Facebook, also heart on Facebook. Commented on Instagram too!

          1. Julie Crede

            I ❤️ the ripple!

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