Heart free cross stitch pattern

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
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A modern small heart in cross stitch. This will make an ideal project to teach kids how to cross stitch. It has vibrant colours, easy small design with whole stitches. This will be the initial cross stitch lesson and then you could introduce backstitch on later lessons.

It will also look great on Valentine’s cards. It took me an hour to stitch and you could use any vibrant threads you have available. The pattern is free for everyone to enjoy.

Click this link to view the tutorial Heart free cross stitch pattern.



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  1. Laurie T Laurie

    YAY! Your Craft Room project was one of the first linked up to Tip Me Tuesday Linky Party. Thanks for uploading it to your craft room so I could showcase such an incredible idea. {high fives} Tip Junkie’s ROCK!

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