Tips On How Modern Kids Cheat on Exams


Cheating in exams is as old as civilization. In foregone days, students would tuck crib sheets into sleeves or discreetly palm them in their hands. Today, thanks to technology, cheating is easier than before. Below is a revelation on modern ways students use to cheat, as well as insight on what parents can do if their kids cheat, especially now that cheating is very easy and so prevalent:


Increasingly, students are using calculators that feature a memory function to conceal answers. The students, if they have a clue on what is likely to be tested in an exam, find answers to the questions and store them in such a calculator. It is often hard for tutors to suspect any foul play, especially since it is assumed that calculators don’t store data.

Part of a water label

Some crafty students write answers on the inside part of a water bottle label. It is unobtrusive; thus, it is very unlikely that the tutor can suspect that a student has gone to that extent to cheat on exams. Besides writing answers on the inside of a water bottle, some daredevil students go to the extent of printing revision notes on the label of a water bottle. The words are very minute and look like the usual instructions found on any water bottle. Unbeknownst to the tutor, these are printed revision notes.

Glasses with wireless camera

Students in Thailand were recently caught with glasses having wireless cameras attached to their frames so as to transmit images to a certain group who would then send answers to their smartwatches in real-time. (Source)

A bandage

Some cunning students may use a fake injury to hide answers to exam questions. For example, in one case, a student, sporting a bandage, hid a crib sheet under the bandage. In the exam room, he could sneakily peek on the answers and hide it when the supervisor was around. (Source)

Cheating watch

Another fantastic way students are outfoxing teachers is through the use of an invisible cheating watch. This contraption that costs $70 looks like there is nothing on the screen even when the watch is turned on. However, with the use of special glasses, you can see content on the screen. The unique polarization glasses that come with the invisible watch allow you, and only you, to observe what is showing on the screen, and nobody else can see the content- unless with the aid of the special polarization glasses. To everybody else, the watch looks like it is turned off. The frame of the glasses seems like they are real prescription glasses while the lens lacks dipterous and looks a bit dimmed.

Parents of Kids Who Cheat Often

The main reason your child opts to cheat in an exam is likely because they have a study problem. The best thing to do in this case is to talk to your kids and motivate them to work harder and believe they can ace examinations just like others without any aid. However, if the child insists on cheating in their exams, then it is proper to learn of modern ways and help them to adapt because at the end of the day you are your child’s best pal- if he doesn’t want to follow your way, then it is wise to help them in their way.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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30 Minutes
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