How to: Build your own rustic Kitchen sink base!

I knew from the minute I laid eyes on it that it would become our kitchen sink and that I would be building a custom kitchen sink base for it! Never mind that it had been sitting in a shed for god knows how long and it had, in fact, been filled to the brim with a mouse nest and had probably raised hundreds (if not thousands) of rodents for decades and was, in fact, totally covered in the resulting excretions. Nope, none of that bothered me! I took one look at this sink and my heart soared. It was perfect! I gathered my materials for building the kitchen sink base.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
1-2 Hours
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    My materials all came out of the barn or were scraps from the renovation and, amazingly, the drain was in perfect condition – the only thing we had to purchase was the faucet for $70 at our local fleet store. All of my materials were leftovers in the barn and had been sitting there for a very long time. I knew I wanted to wrap the whole outside of the sink with something very big so I headed to my secret stash of amazing barn wood that I’ve been gathering and pulled out the biggest thing I had: a rough-sawn, ancient, 2×10!

  • Step 2

    It was a really basic piece that I had in mind. Four 4×4 legs, 2x4s laid across the top of them for support, and then the entire thing clad with barn wood. First thing I did was get the most accurate measurements of the sink that I could, which was much easier said then done – no part of this sink is flat or square on the bottom side. From there, I knew how long each of my 2x4s needed to be cut to fit totally under the bottom of the sink. From there I also knew exactly how tall the 4×4 legs had to be so I got to cutting.
    I screwed the whole thing together with my impact driver and 3″ screws (that sink is HEAVY – I needed to make this kitchen sink base very sturdy so I did).


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