How to Cope With Urinary Incontinence


As we grow old and age, our bodies surely and inevitably begin to deteriorate. We lost the ability to do things we once used to and this is just the natural order of things and cannot be prevented. However, this does mean that we need to adjust to the constant changing phases of our lives. Women go through menopause which signals the end of their childbearing phase, bringing with it a host of mental and physical alterations which can take some getting used to. For both genders, there is another issue that comes up much later in life, known as Lower Bladder Control. Just as it sounds, it means that we are unable to control its functionality, one of the many changes the body is going through. These are some of the ways in which one can control the situation on a daily basis.

Flush Out the Bladder

Although the automatic reaction would be to assume that waiting for the bladder to be full so as to avoid constant trips to the bathroom is the way to go, it is actually the exact opposite. You need to keep your bladder functioning to control the situation and treat the problem through other methods such as better fluid intake. Again, you will feel that the answer is to cut back on liquids but you should not forget the rest of your body still needs plenty of hydration. A lack of fluids will only cause strain to your other organs which is not good.


The good thing about living in this age is that we have access to a multitude of products that make our lives much easier in many ways. Prevail Products are such example that is specific to lower bladder control. From protective underwear to adult diapers, this line carries many items that are designed to ease your day so it is not disrupted. Investing in these is actually one of the main things you can do to help yourself.


It is important to maintain your health especially when dealing with a condition. In this instance, stronger pelvic floor muscles and a fit abdomen are important. Do not strain yourself unnecessarily, adapt exercises that you find give you a good workout. Yoga is suitable for all ages no matter what injury you might have seeing as how there are many different poses you could learn. As long as you keep moving, that is what matters.

Medical Checkups

Medical checkups are powerful in helping you battle more than just lower bladder control. They help keep you in check and provide you with solution, and especially early detection. You can monitor and control your illnesses which in the long-run is extremely beneficial. Make sure you book checkups every so often so that you do not miss long periods. It is even more important as you grow older and need to keep an eye on changes. Furthermore, you need to see a reliable, reputed doctor to ensure maximum care for a better quality life.

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    Flush Out the Bladder

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