How-To Create a Paris Themed Powder Room

Step-by-step pictured instructions on how I turned a boring and plain bathroom into a Parisian paradise.  It’s easier than you think to learn how-to create this Paris themed powder room or bathroom.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
Full Day
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    First, we taped the baseboards and measured out the stripes. I was completely inspired by the trash can. I kept the base paint color the same (Monarch Summer Suede) and painted the stripes using BEHR’s Pearlescent Gold Veil. (pictured above)

  • Step 2

    Here’s picture of the BEHR’s Pearlescent Gold Veil that I used for the stripes.  It was so easy to paint on.

  • Step 3

    I copied the images on the hand towels and traced then painted them onto canvas boards from Hobby Lobby.  I orderd vinyl lettering for the words.  When I was finished, they looked too plain.  So I edged the canvases in black ribbon, which gave it a framed look.

  • Step 4

    I then spray painted the iron towel rack and soap holder black.

  • Step 5

    I used the iron from my banister as the design for the wall. I just traced it onto a posterboard, cut it out, then used it to draw the design onto the wall.

  • Step 6

    I LOVE how it turned out. It matches my home but brings so much personality and flair into such a small space.


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