How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom can be very a tricky task; with the limited space, you must find an artistic way to make all your décor fit and look totally awesome. This could mean being a master of illusion or utilizing concealed spaces, without sacrificing your comfort. For example, exploiting a divan’s vastly functional features can leave more space for more décor and still guarantee a calm and restful sleep.

If your bedroom is barely big enough to accommodate the bed, much less anything else, these are some of the finest ideas and decorating tips to transform that tiny bedroom into a cosy, snugly haven:

1. Create a Focal point

A focal point is the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you enter a room. A conspicuous spot initiating your viewing order of the room’s outlook, and from which the design of the room originates. Creating an outstanding focal point can highlight a particular area of the room, and help take the focus off of its not so attractive features. So if your room doesn’t have a focal point, craft one!

2. Scale down your bed size

A King size bed may be an alluring requisite to a comfy pad, but in that small space, it tends to generate a more crammed feel. Instead, opt for a smaller bed with storage like Ottomans, that won’t congest the room. Doing this will keep the focal point of your room open, giving it a more spacious ambience.

3. Choose attractive ceiling and lighting designs

Make an assertion with natural lighting, giving the room a soft and airy tone, or you can optimize layer drapes and shades for greater light control. Either way, avoid a timid approach, rather go for a healthy dose of self expression; you might just surprise yourself. For example, a gallant display of your favourite colours on the ceiling with the right lighting can see your room looking like your very own Sistine Chapel.

4. Take full advantage of your wall space

Using wall space to augment decor or storage in a room with little space for a detached wardrobe or electronics hub will expand your options greatly. The walls of your room offer a spacious vertical canvass; unleash your inner creativity and maximize all that space – Hang that flat screen on a wall bracket instead of a TV stand, or use a sconce instead of a table lamp, and you’ll see how much space opens up.

5. Capitalize on ideal colour illusions

Colour plays such a vital role in decorating; this is because of its ability to create a convincing illusion of depth and space. Choose colours with a cheery tone that can make your room feel more spacious and welcoming. For instance, maintaining white walls can make any space look bigger and more open since it is highly adaptable; blending naturally with everything and inducing a more peaceful feeling.

6. Use your curtains to create illusion of height and width

Hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling rather than the window frame pulls the view along the full length of the curtains, creating an illusion of height. It is an easy way to make your ceiling look higher. You can also extend the curtain rod about on either side of the window so that it appears wider—and permit more light.

7. Utilize multifunctional furniture

Picking furniture that serve multiple functions is a sure fire way to save space and have everything you need right there in your room. Irrespective of its size, it’s quite difficult to include every little item into the décor of your room, so it’s easier to just opt for versatile pieces of furniture that will serve you just as well. For instance, foldable furniture can be conveniently stacked when not in use or reused for another purpose.

8. Don’t overlook the floor décor

The pattern of your floor should complement the entire décor management creating a deliberate blend of related colours and designs. This is because your eye captures a continuous line from floor to ceiling; so a room with too many contrasts presents a lack of continuity and can make the space appear smaller.

Notice how the stripes on the floor draw your eye all the way along the vertical stripes on the curtains, making the room look longer.

9. Avoid clutter and unnecessary frills

An easy philosophy to adopt when decorating a small bedroom is: “if it doesn’t fit, you probably don’t need it”. Investing in a storage system, can help keep all your stuff more organized affording you more space to work with and a more tranquil setting. Additionally, allowing the room get chock-full of needless accessories and litter, will leave you frequently irritated so declutter your bedroom regularly and see how much space becomes available when all that mess is cleared.

10. Salvage unused space above the head board

A classic headboard is just a flat board towering above your pillows. But with a bit of imaginative thinking, you can use it to provide storage for just about anything. A shelf or cabinet above the headboard can conveniently house those Jane Austen novels, alarm clock, framed photos or treasured memorabilia – just ensure that anything hanging over your bed is firmly fixed.

The best ideas for decorating a small bedroom require making deliberate choices and maximising available space. It’s about being innovative and wilfully bringing those ideas to life regardless of space constraints. You may want to consider not just the magnificence of the décor, but also how it can be optimized to include a practical purpose and furnish a cohesive design.

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean it has to be boring. What small bedrooms lack in space, they make up for in appeal and ambience. With some pretty cool accessories, you are well on your way to upgrading your room from just another common chamber to a fully customized comfort zone. Are you up for the challenge? Let us know what you think!

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