How To install Winter Tent – Coleman Camping Chairs

The main reason for freezing in a tent on winter fishing is that it the incorrect on me install on the wind rose. (Well, that’s when you consider that you lake to get acquainted with the article “How to choose a tent for winter fishing “and chose it correctly). Before installing tents for winter fishing is necessary to determine, where the wind blows and put up a tent so that the entrance and air valves for ventilation have been with for side. But the smooth wall, which is the most modern tents for winter fishing should one be on windy. Having thus established a tent, you protection against direct drafts and increase the stability of the tent on the pond.

By the way, you ate at in a tent or left there heating source – be sure to leave open at least one vent, no matter how cold or standing on the street. It would seem – why heat the street? And the thing is that in a sealed tent condensation on the walls and on the brain – and this is up to lintel on I dampness. Well, dampness and cold comes. Anyway, if you have a heater IP to enjoy this flame – candles for example, or a gas burner, it soon from lack of oxygen you have a headache, and to carbon monoxide in this case close. In this ventilation in a tent on winter fishing on to pay special attention to. And no matter whether you come with an overnight stay or just for a few hours.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
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