How to Sew a Pillow Blanket or PLANKET!


What is a planket? Well, a planket is a simple combination of both, a pillow and a blanket. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to sew a planket.

There are so many great ways to enjoy this pillow blanket.  Your preschool aged child can use this for mommy’s day out for naptime. Summer time is full of fun outdoor adventures. Road trips, camping, and picnics are all areas your kids might want a pillow or a blanket.  If you’re a grandparent, having a special nap time pillow or snuggle blanket at your house would be really cool.



Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Cut the fleece for the blanket and for the pillow.

    You’ll need these sizes of fleece fabric:

    48”x60” piece of fleece fabric
    15”x19” piece of fleece fabric

  • Step 2

    Decorate the pillow with stripes, ribbon, buttons, fabric flowers, etc.

    Just make sure you pick something that will look good from both sides.

    TIP:  Letters don’t work very well because they will be backwards o either the blanket or pillow.

  • Step 3

    Lay the blanket out and place the pillow piece face down and centered at the top of the blanket.

    The pillow should be on the blanket with the long edge lined up along the small edge of the blanket.

    If the blanket has a back, make sure the pillow is going on the back of your blanket.

  • Step 4

    Pin and sew the pillow on the outside edge, ad the two sides touching the edge.

    Do not sew the long side that is towards the middle of the blanket.  {This is the pocket for your blanket}

  • Step 5

    Optional:  Bind the edges for a little more polished look.

  • Step 6

    Now fold it up!

    Here’s how to fold the planket:

    Lay it pillow side down.

    Fold over the sides.

    Fold up the bottom in fourths.

    Flip the pillow right side out.

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