How To Make DIY Photo Frames – 6 Different Tutorials


Photo frames are a perfect way to personalise any space, let it be a master bedroom, a living room, or an office cubicle. Today we bring you 6 easy and affordable ways to customize photo frames. Read on and enjoy.


A festive and sparkly way to decorate a photo frame is to use glitter. In order to make a glitter frame all you need is frames, glitter, glue and a brush, a container to catch leftover sparkle, and 5 spare minutes. All you need to do is to clean and dry the frames, apply a thick layer of glue and sprinkle glitter over a container. The biggest drawback of this project is that it is a bit messy as glitter is very hard to control.


Little rustic elements add warmth to any room. Photo frames decorated with twigs would look perfect in a cabin or rustic-themed living room. Gather approximately 50 small twigs from your back yard and adjust them to the width and length of your frame with pruning shears. When you are done, hot glue them to the frame and let it dry overnight. If the twigs are unevenly coloured you can paint them with a brown acrylic paint.

Galaxy print

Painting is probably the most common way of customising photo frames. If you follow trends you may have noticed that for the last two seasons galaxy print was, and still is, on fire. You can make your own galaxy print photo frame by carelessly smudging purple, indigo, navy and light blue dies on the frame. For little bright spots, AKA the stars, use a small pointed brush and paint little dots randomly. Make sure to find the best place to purchase your must-haves to create this project!


The king of arts and crafts, decoupage, makes wonders with plain wood pieces and transforms them beyond recognition. Despite popular belief, it is not that expensive and it definitely is not difficult. To make a decoupage photo frame you will need PVA clear drying glue, decoupage paper or printed napkins, and a synthetic brush. Tear the napkin into easy-to-apply pieces, cover one corner with glue, apply the napkin and repeat until you decorate the entire frame. After that, top it off with a thin layer of glue and leave to dry. Isn’t that simple? The biggest advantage of decorating with decoupage is the fact that this technique is really versatile.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is a style that is perfect for kids room, dressing rooms, and romantic bedrooms. It is popular to use it to make the furniture look vintage and similar DIY technique can be applied to photo frames. You can start making shabby chic photo frame even tonight as I bet you already have all the tools you need, namely contrasting paints in two colours, such as gray and baby pink, paint brushes and steel wool. Paint the base a darker colour, let it dry well, and apply lighter colour afterwards. You may want to put double layer of baby pink in order to evenly coat the base. As soon as the paint dried down, take the steel wool and rub it on frame’s surface until you see the darker base peeking through.


Add softness to any room by wrapping a colourful yarn over an old photo frame. Although you might need to glue the glass back to the yarn-wrapped frame, this project is really fun and can successfully be accomplished with children (of course you should by all means handle the gluing situation). Choose a soft yarn, wrap it around the photo frame, apply and glue the glass back, insert your chosen photo and voila!

These were our ideas for unique DIY photo frames. Do you have your favourites? Which project would you choose first? Do not hesitate to share!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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30 Minutes
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