How to Make Party Game Signs

Fun games to play outside with kids during a party, play date, family reunion, summer party, or just for a family activity.

These party game signs make adorable party decorations, help organize a large outdoor party, and give guests ‘activity stations’ so they know what activities they can do during the party, event, or reunion.

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Backyard Party Game Signs (11956 downloads)

Looking for more fun activities for kids and fun things to do?  Then check out my 18 Outdoor Activities with Kids Perfect for Summer.  It comes with printable signs and easy games to set up quickly.

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Cut Out. Decide if you’re going to display your game signs as circles or rectangles. Cut along the turquoise circle, yellow circle, or as rectangle along the outer edge.

  • Step 2

    Attach Skewers. Paper Plate ~ Cut a little slit into the center
    bottom of the plate’s curve. {see image} Then using the packing tape, attach the skewers {bamboo or metal} onto the front of the plate. Attach it half way up the plate to give it strength in case of heavy wind.

  • Step 3

    Print out the file. {above}

  • Step 4

    Tape Sign. Tape the sign onto the back of the paper plate. {or wherever you decided to place it.}

  • Step 5

    Tape Sign to Back . If you’re wanting to make these signs two-sided, then repeat step #4 and tape it to the other side of the paper plate or game sign. {optional}


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