How to make the cleaning process more pleasant – top four tips and tricks


Well, the long week at work is finally over but wait, don’t get too excited, there are cleaning chores that are waiting for you. Wow, these can be a serious buzzkill and some people feel really stressed out when they think about the cleaning that awaits them. If only there were ways to make this process a little more pleasant and tolerable. Who said that there weren’t? These four tips and tricks can make the boring and tiresome cleaning be a lot easier and more fun to do.

Blast some of your favourite jams

You may have heard that music makes everything easier and it is certainly very true in this case. There are many instances where music can significantly decrease the stress levels in our body and cleaning is definitely one of them. Next time before you start mopping the floors, turn on your favourite upbeet songs and bust some moves while sweeping the floors. This can definitely make you forget that you are actually doing some work while you are having fun. A professional from 6000 Top cleaners once told us that turning your house into a dance floor can seriously change the way you feel about your cleaning chores.

Make it a workout

Are you one of those people who are always talking about starting a serious workout regime starting form next week? If you are guilty of fooling yourself, don’t worry you are not the only one. However, I can assure you that you may burn some calories while being efficient with your house cleaning chores. Have you thought about all the physical work you are doing every time you start cleaning around the house? All the walking back and forth, carrying of heavy objects, going up and down the stairs is the workout you may need to maintain the good shape of your body. You can strap a pedometer around your ankle and make it your goal to do more steps on each cleaning session and beat your records from the previous ones.

Time yourself

Use a timer when you are doing your cleaning. If you race against the clock, this will make things much more interesting. You can make a time schedule for every room you are cleaning. If you beat the time you have set for the cleaning chore, you can reward yourself. This can not only make the cleaning process more fun but it can also improve the speed of your work and you can cut down the time you need to complete the house chores.

Reward yourself

No matter how hard the work is, this is probably the most motivating trick to make you want to finish the chores in your to-do-list. No matter how difficult and annoying house cleaning is, if you have something that is waiting for you when you are done with your work, you can look forward for your reward and do your chores much faster. For instance, every time you do a deep cleaning of your kitchen or your bathroom you can reward yourself with a new haircut or a nice relaxing massage. This trick can definitely give you the much needed motivation.

House cleaning is definitely something you probably are not looking forward to. However, you need to do it in order to maintain the beautiful look of your home. Plus your health is at risk every time you neglect the areas where most bacteria often exist. Next time you need a little push to do the chores around the house, use those four tricks and tips to keep yourself motivated. Cleaning can’t be avoided but it can certainly be much more pleasant.

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