How to Paint Your Room To Make it Look Bigger


With space at a premium in urban areas the size of rooms in new build houses & apartments seem to be an ever-shrinking phenomenon. This is not ideal when people yearn for expansive rooms that allow us to display our belongings neatly. Interior design is all about appearances and we have all seen houses which seem larger than another house on the same block with the same dimensions; somehow one feels a bit cramped. You can make a room appear larger than it is with a few design tips. This is particularly useful if you are planning to sell your property as it can increase the value of your house. It also comes in handy if you have just moved into a new place and want to overhaul the existing décor.

Let’s see how!

Step 1: Choose a base palette

Light colours reflect light the most, making rooms appear bigger than they are. It seems as though walls are further away and that the ceiling is higher than it was. White is perhaps best choice to make your room feel bigger, however, if you prefer a dash of colour you don’t have to feel restricted in your choice. Airy pastel colours in yellow, blue and green can work just as well in this regard. The key is to avoid colours which absorb the light, drawing the walls in.


Step 2: Select complementary shades

Most colour schemes incorporate two or three colours to create a strong design impact. You may choose to go for a monochromatic scheme which uses a number of shades in the same colour to create a slight contrast. By using the lightest colour on the walls and ceilings your room will appear spacious while a trim in a complementing shade invites variety.

You may wish to create a bolder statement by choosing one vibrant colour to make an impact. Paired with white in the rest of the room a bright orange or green allows your personality to shine through while the muted white keeps the dimensions of the room at bay.

Step 3: Create variety

If white feels too bland for your particular tastes then you can opt for a colour scheme which pairs colours from the same section of the colour wheel.

For example, pastel pinks can be matched with light purples if you want to create a dainty feel, or match light blues and greens to suggest a fresh ambience.

Note how in this scheme, the ceiling and floor are white & cream, while the walls are blue and the greens & yellows of the accessories create length and height in the way that they are arranged.

Step 4: Pick the right finish

Choosing the right type of paint can be just as important as selecting the colour. Many paint brands now supply a paint with a higher LRV, light reflectance value, especially for spaces that get limited light, or that you are trying to make feel bigger. Choosing from one of these ranges will help to ensure that you get a suitable colour for what you want to achieve. But there are a whole range of paint finishes from satin sheen to matte and for the novice, this can be baffling. This article from Houzz magazine gives a good introduction to the topic.

Step 5: Accessories

As you may have already gathered, light plays the biggest part in whether a room feels spacious or not. So to enhance the sense of space that you have created using paint, choose accessories that add volume. Mirrors reflect the light, creating a sense of space and lighting fixtures can be mixed and matched to make corners disappear. As seen in the images above, furnishings give you a chance to really put your own stamp on the room.

Keep the colours within your colour scheme and opt for mainly solid or simple patterns to avoid over dazzling the eye.
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