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Are you giving your home a bit of a makeover or undertaking a full-blown renovation? If so, you will have realised that there are numerous types of cheap modern interior door to choose from. In simple terms, they are doors that do not provide access to the outside of the home and are commonly found on cupboards, bathrooms, bedrooms and any other enclosed area. Choosing the right one will provide the room with the look you desire, a sense of elegance.

These doors are hinged together and fold into each other when opened, against one side of the opening. They are usually mounted onto a track that is installed in the top of the opening. They’re a popular choice for laundries, pantries, wardrobes and other cupboards.

Thanks to their design, these doors are fairly easy to identify. They’re divided horizontally and have separate panels for the top and bottom – you can open each separately. They’re popular for kitchens, so you can open the top panel up but prevent access with the bottom panel.

If you’re looking for something dramatic, these interior doors could be the ideal choice. They are hung via hinges on either side of the opening and swing towards each other, meeting in the middle. When both sides are open, they provide amazing unobstructed views of the room beyond.

Also known as passage doors, these are the most commonly used in our homes. One side is mounted on hinges, whilst the other swings into or out of the room (depending on the orientation selected). They are, essentially, a solid slab of timber but can be painted or decorated to your tastes.

These interior doors rotate on two metal pivots on their tops and bottoms. They have a very simple appearance without any handles; their minimalist design and structure makes them a very good choice for modern and contemporary homes.

Although they have been around for a few years now, they have only recently gained popularity. Similar to sliding doors, they are placed on a track but are hidden in the wall when opened. They are available in single and double options to suit the size of the opening.

Also known as sectional overhead doors, they’re typically used in garages but have become a chic addition to living rooms. They can be used to separate your interior living space from the deck or garden, and they’re also useful when rooms double as different spaces.

These doors are usually chosen for areas with wide openings, such as those in master bedrooms and wardrobes. They don’t swing open; instead, they slide along a track. This means that they don’t disturb elements of the room, but only a portion of the opening is accessible.

We hope that the information provided above has helped you to choose interior doors that give your home the elegant look you have been searching for. As there are so many options to choose from, we know that it can be a little overwhelming and that the desire for a cohesive look can sometimes overtake functionality. If you have any questions or run into problems with your selection, ensure that you speak with an expert as soon as possible.


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