Make Your Own Baby Food & Store in Resusable Baby Pouches

I’m a health conscious mom and one of my pet peeves is buying expensive baby food with a load of unwanted junk in it. I’m talking preservatives and added flavors and colourings. My baby doesn’t need that! So when I came across these sweet reusable baby food pouches, it inspired me to make my own baby mush!

It’s so simple I hardly need to share steps. But I love to cook up a big batch of mixed veggies (seriously, whatever you think your child will eat) and add some cooked apple for sweetness (because – fussy babies) and then just blend it all up. Let it cool and then add to the pouches. You can then date and freeze or store in the fridge if you’re using in the next few days.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
30 Minutes
Tips and Tricks


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