Making Artisan Looking Chocolates for Cheap!


Some free ways to make your home made chocolates look professionally made!


Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Find interesting, basic shaped molds around your own house! Some options of these include the following:


    ice cube trays

    muffin tins

    online chocolate molds at bargain prices

    clear plastic boxes (bendable)

    small bowls (for dome chocolate)

    cupcake wrappers (metal or possibly paper)

    Use your imagination!

  • Step 2

    For stripes and other small details, you need something like a paintbrush or even better- an icing tube!


    Save the money and make your own! All you need is a zip lock bag. Make a small cut in the corner and use some tape to reinforce it. Fill with icing, close the bag and presto! 

  • Step 3

    Use food coloring in white chocolate for colored chocolate!

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