Moving Tips to Pack Like the Pros

Moving can be stressful, and packing always seems to take longer and require more supplies than you thought it would. For the least amount of stress, start packing as early as possible, keep all boxes neatly labeled, make sure each box only contains items for one room, and learn how to pack smart. You can pack smart by using tips the pros use when they pack. This will assure you’re using the best box for the job, and the packing tools you need to conquer the packing process.

For a smooth move, it helps if you know how to pack like the pros. Professional movers know the secrets for packing that will protect your items, make packing easier, protect your back, and make unpacking faster. All cardboard boxes are not equal. Some are better suited for one use and not for another. Once you understand which cardboard boxes to use to use for packing particular items, and how to use important packing tools, you can perfect your packing processes.

Small Boxes

Small boxes are great for heavy items, books, and fragile items. It’s better to use a lot of smaller boxes than to use fewer boxes that are larger but packed too heavy.

Medium Boxes

Use these for electronics, small appliances, household items and most of your kitchen items. You will probably use more medium sized boxes than any other size. Don’t weigh down a medium sized box with too heavy of a load. It’s bad for your back, more awkward to carry than a small box, and the weight may cause the box to rip.

Large boxes

Lampshades, throw pillows, bulking coats and oddly shaped sports equipment are all good candidates for large boxes. Keep them light, because a large box can be unwieldy and difficult to maneuver. You probably won’t need many large boxes.

Heavy duty boxes

These can be especially useful for heavy items, or for extremely fragile ones. The heavy duty construction will help protect the contents better than a regular box.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your clothes inside the box. These are large boxes, so observe the rule about keeping large cardboard boxes from being too heavy. You won’t need many wardrobe boxes.

Dish pack kit

Dish pack kits contain protective pouches that a plate can fit into. Normally they have two sizes for large and small plates. Dish pack kits will speed up your kitchen packing considerably, and provide superior protection.

Glass pack kit

Glass pack kits contain dividers to separate glasses, and protective pouches for your glasses. This is another way to speed up your kitchen packing and keep your items from breaking. Usually dish pack kits and glass pack kits fit into medium sized boxes.

Packing Tape

Don’t try to save a little on cheap tape. Use wide, high quality packing tape that won’t come undone and drop items in the floor. Clear packing tape may give you better results than other kinds of tape. Use a tape dispenser for packing boxes. These will save you time and frustration, keep your tape where you want it, and you’ll never lose the end of the tape. Make sure you have plenty of tape when you start packing.

Permanent Markers

Use wide, dark permanent markers to clearly label boxes. Label the top of each box along with 1 short side and 1 of the longer sides. This assures however your boxes are stacked, you can have the labels facing out. Use a different colored marker to call attention to fragile items. Label cardboard boxes with “bedroom number 1”, “bedroom number 2”, etc. You can label the rooms in your new place and the professional movers or your moving helpers will be able to easily determine where each box goes.

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