Mushroom Soup

This tasty mushroom soup is really easy to make and only uses a few ingredients so it’s pretty inexpensive. It freezes really well too so you can make batches to eat when you don’t have much time.

Make sure to use full fat coconut milk as this gives the soup a really creamy texture, which is just delicious. If you choose to make your own vegetable broth then I have a great recipe for it here.

Hope you enjoy!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
30 Minutes
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Fry the onions on a medium heat until softened, then add in the sliced mushroom and thyme then allow to cook for 5 minutes (until the mushrooms have turned brown).
    Add in the bay leaf, liquid aminos, broth, coconut milk and tapioca flour. Mix well.
    Allow to cook for 15-20 minutes then sprinkle with nuts and seeds. Time to serve!

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