My Grandma’s White Cabinets Get a Face Lift in our Kitchen!

My entire childhood my grandma’s entryway was always an interesting place. It was part of the screened-in-porch that wrapped entirely around two sides of the house when it was added in 1925 – ten years after our old house was built. It was also the first part of the screened-in-porch that was enclosed and still remains called the “back porch” by my mom and her sister who grew up here even though it was always the front entryway and always where everyone went into the house. The reason it was called the “back porch” was because, technically, the front door was on the other side of the house, though I think it was only ever used as the “front door” for the first ten years of the house’s life before the screened-in-porch was added. Anyway, at some point here I’ll tell you all about our entryway and what we did with it in the remodel, when it was my Grandma’s entry it was also her laundry room, her coat closet, her spot for her extra refrigerator and her “plant stand” that was always totally covered in pansies and everything else. Over by the old refrigerator I had my eye on these two white cabinets from the very beginning!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
4 Hours
-- Adult
Home Improvement


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