My plan and tips for a family vacation in Croatia

In recent years Croatia has emerged as one of Europe’s most prestigious tourist destinations, a status previously reserved only for certain parts of Western Europe. It’s not only the Adriatic Sea and the country’s natural beauties that are to thank for that: the people of Croatia are truly friendly and warm-hearted towards those who visit their country.

If you plan visiting Croatia with small children, have no worries – the people are very child-friendly and they’re willing to help any way they can. Still, most public restrooms don’t have tables designed for diaper changing, and restaurants often don’t have any high chairs or other accessories useful to children. It can fairly be said that even though Croatia is child friendly, it’s not so child-equipped. There are plenty of playgrounds and attractions for children, though, and the entire environment is suitable for kids – it’s safe and calm.

Practically all hotels are willing to put an additional cot in your room for children but some go further, carefully labeling themselves as ‘child-friendly accommodation’. These hotels have playrooms, children pools and other content specially aimed to entertain and safeguard kids.

If you plant to rent a boat and spend your holiday sailing (a fairly popular choice among tourists in the last few years when it comes to Croatia), see if your rental agency provides safety nets for children. This is actually the norm and most agencies will install the safety net for free if you inform them early enough that children will be on board. Provide your agency with information on age, weight and height of your children so they can prepare appropriate sized life vests.

Most likely they’ll suggest you rent a catamaran (like this one) as they are kids-friendly: they have lots of inside space (where children can play), a fly deck, and it’s fairly easy to get in and out of the water. Be sure kids wear sunscreen at all times, or even a T-shirt in the afternoons when the sun tends to be pretty strong. Bring sea-sickness pills as a precaution, and make sure one of the adults keeps an eye on kids at all times. I also suggest you take shorter sailing distances to make the trip as dynamic as possible. Even though children will enjoy being on board, they can get bored if you’re out on the sea the whole day.

If you plan to stay at some private apartment or a room you’ll have a larger space at your disposal, plus an equipped kitchen, which will make your holiday a lot easier if you’re travelling with toddlers. Tap water in Croatia is suitable for drinking, although bottled water can be purchased at any supermarket. All other baby related products can also be found without any trouble.

Eating out in Croatia is pretty relaxed and restaurants are flexible when it comes to children’s meals. Although not much of them offer special meals for children, you can always ask for it and your wish will be granted.

Overall, children will adore Croatia because of its jaw-dropping attractions and natural landmarks. There are plenty of shallow, safe beaches which will ensure that your kids have a great time.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
4 Hours
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