My Unbelievable and Wonderful Experience with Phenocal

Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me particularly because I thought it could never happen to me. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for years. Each time that pregnancy test showed I wasn’t pregnant, I felt hopeless.

I always knew that getting pregnant won’t be the easiest thing in the world for me. In my early twenties I started experiencing severe pains in lower abdomens. The pain would just come and go, but sometimes it stayed for a day of two. I also experienced nausea followed by vomiting and sometimes I had to put up with a headache as well. At first, I thought that it was just some type of inflammation because it was winter and I’m not the type of a person who’d pile on several clothing items at once. But, pain would strike quite frequently for several months and I had no choice but to see a doctor. I’ve been told I had ovarian cysts, fluid-filled sacs on my ovaries. They aren’t dangerous but are followed by a severe pain. Additionally, my periods were never regular. Sometimes I’d go through menstrual cycle twice a month and then next month there would be no period at all. Due to all these occurrences and due to the fact that cysts even disrupted my ovulation, getting pregnant wouldn’t go smoothly.

Back then, I had healthy weight. I wasn’t overweight, but also I wasn’t skinny either. I never had any body issues and was always a confident person. Soon after I started dating my husband, I felt the connection that I have never felt before. We got engaged soon and married year after. To us, there was no need to wait for years and years when both of us were certain in our devotion, love, and respect towards one another. He knew about my problems with ovaries and was there for me when the pain would occur and even when I suffered from severe cramps when I was on my period. That’s why he didn’t rush me to have kids and he always pointed out he’s happiest man alive for having me as his wife. But, I wanted that child which is why we visited our doctor and did everything we were told to increase our chances of getting pregnant. It took about a year, but we finally did it. Nothing can compare to the happiness when you find out you’re going to become a parent. Luckily, my pregnancy went rather smoothly and nine months later our daughter, Amelia, was born.

I gained more weight than I was supposed to during pregnancy. I felt and looked like a Swiss exercise ball. I became irritated, frustrated, and annoyed with myself. Since my hopes of losing excess weight after pregnancy didn’t come true, when I stopped breastfeeding Amelia I decided to exercise more when she’s a sleep and to buy dietary supplement as a complementary tool to lose weight. My friend, who gave birth 6 months before I did, recommended Phenocal weight loss supplement. She told me that was the only supplement that helped her get rid of excess weight.

I didn’t want to order the supplement before conducting my own little research first. I easily found the official website and found out it is a natural fat burner made from ingredients that are extracted from herbs. Due to natural ingredients risk of experiencing various side effects was low. I also found a lot of customer reviews which were positive and immediately ordered my first bottle. I wanted to start as soon as possible. Amelia deserved to have a healthy and energetic mother who can keep up with new lifestyle.

At first, I bought a bunch of fitness DVDs and exercised at home while Amelia was asleep and I took Phenocal regularly. I noticed that after taking the supplement, I didn’t crave foods (particularly not unhealthy items) and I didn’t feel hungry. It’s because the supplement works by suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism together with energy levels. In 3 months of regular consumption, I lost 35 pounds which were unbelievable. In next 3 months, I lost about 30 pounds as well. I must admit, after months and months since labor passed without losing a single pound, I did not expect this success.

In just a short period of time, I was able to fit into clothes I used to wear. I didn’t think it would happen and one time I was so frustrated that I packed all clothing items into bags and ditched them into garage. Taking those bags from garage back to my closet was a sweet victory. I have become energetic, happier, and running after my daughter, playing, giggling and jumping around are my favorite hobbies now. Because of Phenocal, I managed to lose excess weight in a healthy way without starving, suffering, or even without rigorous exercises.


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