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Have you been using public transport in the past couple of years? If yes, then you have definitely noticed, how widely the smartphones are used by commuting people. It is now a rare chance to see a person reading a book or a magazine while in a subway car or waiting in the bus stop. You might argue, that the popularity of books, newspapers or magazines have definitely not fallen down drastically during years, but the truth is that many of them are now being read on smartphones, tables or e-readers.
Most of the people go for a decent smartphone as it can do basically everything nowadays. By doing this they save hundreds of money which they would have to spend on separate gadgets, such as camera or portable gaming console. The photography or gaming experience is not that great on a smartphone, you might argue. However, we are sure, that most of the people do not even need super high quality photos that they could print. They are happy enough to enjoy them on their smartphone or computer screen. Some of the smartphones actually have digital cameras that would not look that bad if printed on photo paper.

For some time already one of the most important novelties in the social networks have been selfies. This trend is not completely new as there were always people that used to take photos of themselves since the introduction of consumer cameras. However, selfies took a new form when first front facing cameras on the smartphones were introduced. Users could see how they look on their phone screen at the moment they are taking the photo. This is the reason why selfies have become a phenomena and has been extremely popular since. ‘Selfie’ has even made its way to the dictionaries as a regular word of English language. Chameleon John is always up to date and now offers you a couple of funky gadgets that you could use every time you decide to have a selfie with your friends or family.

The first item by Chameleon John is already famous Selfie Stick. Most of us have probably seen this gadget used by Japanese or Korean tourist while travelling across famous landmarks of Europe or United States. It is really useful when you are on a journey with a large group of people as your hand length is not enough for lenses to fit everybody in one picture. Moreover, you can use this stick sold by Chameleon John not only with your smartphone but with any item that uses tripod mount too (it is used by most cameras, including GoPro).

Another great gadget offered by Chameleon John is the Bluetooth Selfie Button that is supported by most smartphones. This remote camera control button is really simple to pair and use as it does not require any application. It is now priced at only $10 from $29.99 earlier while for such small price you are still getting a free delivery by Chameleon John. This new way to take selfies with your friends is a lot of fun!

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