Minion Party Game Signs {free printable}


Here are the Party Game Signs that I created for our Minion themed Blue and Gold banquet.

I created this template because I loved the Lego Party Game signs that I made for Drake’s Lego Movie birthday party.  They were so helpful at directing a large group of kids.

Blue and Gold Party Game Signs

EHprint Free Printable File:
Minion Party Game Signs (345 downloads)

Party Game Signs

Here is a free file with 5 Party Game Signs you can quickly print out for activities for kids and party games for a Minion Despicable Me birthday party or a Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts.

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden Dowels or Skewers
  • Printable File {link above}
  • Photo Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Cups
  • Hot Glue Gun {optional}
  • Ribbon {optional}

Want a few more ideas? Then check out How to Make Party Game Signs with fun shapes and additional ways to display your party signs.

DIY Party Game Sign Stands

How to Make:

1. Print the Free File

Print off the Minion party game signs onto photo paper and cut out. {free file link, above}

2.  Add Stand

Tape a dowel rod to the back of the Minion party game signs.  If you want them a little more fancy, you can tie ribbon to the bottom of the sign around the wood dowels.  In place a dowel rod you can use a skewer or even a cute colored paper straw.  It just needs to be strong enough to hold up the paper without bending.

3. Add Cup

Carefully cut an X into the middle of the plastic cup to create an entrance into the cup which will serve as a stand.  Poke the dowel rod {or skewer} through the slit int the cup.

Tip:  If you’re having trouble keeping the dowel rod straight, then use a hot glue gun to add a little glue to the inside top of the cup.  Hold the cup upside down while the hot glue dries in place.  This will help to keep the dowel rod straight and in the middle of the cup.

Pin the Googles on the Minion Party Game Sign

These party game signs made the game stations cuter and also explained what the game was so all the kids could enjoy it easier at our Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts.  Click over to that link to get the details for each game and how to make them.

Minion Party Game Sign Stand

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