Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cookies

When my husband and I were dating there was a night when there was a fire on the hill behind my house. It wasn’t super close but definitely too close for comfort. I watched it all afternoon as it came up over the hill and then down the front side of the hill and got closer and closer to homes. So, my husband (boyfriend at the time) came over to help me pack up some of my essentials in case I was evacuated.

I bet you can guess what I had been doing that afternoon…. you guessed it – baking the most delicious peanut butter cup brownie cookies. Let’s just say that these cookies are so good that when packing up the ‘essentials’, they came along for the ride.

Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cookies
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
1-2 Hours
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