10 Pinewood Derby Food for Kids


These finger food ideas are yummy, fun to make with the kids, and perfect for a Pinewood Derby!  Here are party recipe how-to tutorials for food for kids which include traffic treats, brownie lights, race car cookies, tow ropes, spare tires, apple cars, stop light kabobs, antifreeze and much more.

pinewood derby finger food

If you’re still in the planning process for your Pinewood Derby then be sure to check out my printable organization planner, DIY Decorations, and fun Pinewood Derby Party Games for kids of all ages.  They are all in this adorable Pinewood Derby party theme and were crazy fun to make.

First figure out how many guests might be attending your Pinewood Derby race.  At our Pinewood Derby we had 16 Boys + Families = 48 to 70 People estimated.

Fueling Station

Fueling Station

Finger Food

Finger Food

1. Traffic Treats {Inspired by Book, Wine and Time} ~ Frosted rice krispie treats are quickly transformed into stop lights by adding red, yellow and green skittles or m&m’s.

Brownie Lights

2.  Brownie Lights {Inspired by Becoming Betty} ~ Boxed brownie mix is revved up with frosting and red, yellow and green m&m’s to make stoplight brownies.

Race Car Cookies

3. Race Car Cookies {Frosted Fingers} ~ Build a race car from Nutter Butter Bars, mini Twix and Spree candies.  Use chocolate frosting to glue it all together.  No baking required!  {smiling!}

Tow Ropes

4. Tow Ropes {Pinterest} ~ Red vines or Twizzlers in a clear jar make a fun and easy snack option.

Food for Kids

Spare Tires

5.  Spare Tires {Workman Family} ~ Fun car-themed food ideas including mini chocolate donuts for “spare tires”.

Dip Sticks

6. Dip Sticks {Cooper & Chloe} ~ Chocolate covered pretzel rods for dip sticks.

Healthy Recipes

healthy recipes

7. Apple Cars {Inspired by Alpine District Cub Scouts} ~ Not all party treats have to be loaded with sugar!  Try making these adorable apple cars from apple wedges, grapes and tooth picks.

orange u racing cars

8. Orange U Racing Cars ~ Orange wedges and grapes are put together to make cute edible race cars.

Stop Light Kabobs

9. Stop Light Kabobs {Bebeh Blog} ~ Stop, slow and go!  How adorable are these little fruit stop light kabobs?  Use your melon baller to scoop honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon to skewer on a kabob stick.

Party Recipes

party recipes

10. Antifreeze {Inspired by The Healthy Hen} ~ Make your favorite party punch to place in a drink dispenser.  There are so many variations to choose from.

More Pinewood Derby Ideas

Pinewood Derby Foods for Kids
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
Activity or Game
Party Food

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