10 Pinewood Derby Games for Kids


Here are 10 games to keep things rolling at your Pinewood Derby event.  These activities for kids are sure to keep your guests thrilled to be at the party so that the kiddos stay engaged, entertained and HAPPY.  It’s all about the games, y’all! {{wink}}

If you’re still in the planning process for your Pinewood Derby then be sure to check out my printable organization planner, DIY Decorations, and fun Pinewood Derby Party Games for kids of all ages.  They are all in this adorable Pinewood Derby party theme and were crazy fun to make.

Pinewood Derby Games for Kids

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1. Stop Sign Toss {Inspired by Crafting Weasels} ~ This fun stop light traffic toss version of the bean bag toss is a game that kids will enjoy playing all afternoon or evening.  Even the adults will want to get in on the action and test out their bean bag tossing skills.

oil can toss

2.  Oil Can Toss {Model Junkyard} ~ Tin cans are transformed into vintage oil can replicas with these free printable labels.  Use a ball of bean bag to knock them down.

3. Car Road ~ Use a dollar store black table cloth, painter’s tape and duct tape to make a car road.  Perfect for playing with their cars on and doubles as party decor.

4. Traffic Sign Treasure Hunt {Alpine District Cub Scouts} ~ Find all of the signs, they’re hidden in the gym.  Once you find the sign put a check mark in the box next to it and turn in sheet for a treat when all signs are found.

Road Trip Bingo

5. Road Trip Bingo {Oopsey-Daisy} ~ A free printable road sign bingo game. M&M’s make perfect markers.

6.  Car Toss {Inspired by Pritty Nifty Gifty}~ Toss the cars into the bucket and see how far you an step away and still make a basket!

stop light construction

7. Stop Light Construction {Inspired by Simple Simon & Co}~ Create your own stop light configurations from gum drops and toothpicks.

8. Traffic Sign Toss ~ A good old fashioned game of ring toss using paper plates for rings and construction cones to toss rings on.

9.  Red Rover ~ A fun classic group game.  Divide children into two teams and have them line up about 30 feet apart or more. Each team calls out “Red Rover, Red Rover send ________ “.  The child that is called runs to the other team and tries to break through their joined hands. If the child breaks through then they take an opponent back to their side.  If they can’t break through they must join the other team.

10. DIY Pool Noodle Race {Ramblings from Utopia} ~ My kids love this activity. They will race marbles and toy cars for hours. It’s a perfect indoor activity for a rainy day or can be taken outside so you can enjoy some sunshine.

Pinewood Derby Game Signs

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I created some games signs for the Pinewood Derby activities so the kids would know what to do at each station.  Here’s the tutorial on how to make these easy game signs.

10 Pinewood Derby Games for Kids
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  1. These are some awesome ideas to keep siblings from getting tired of watching the cubs have fun. They can enjoy as well!

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