DIY Pirate Ship and Treasure Chest Costumes


These home made pirate costumes are made with boxes, tubes, paint, plastic jewelry, and coins.  I sewed on read dred locks onto the bandanna my son is wearing to make it look super authentic.

How to Make the DIY Pirate Ship:

  • The ship is shaped from a large box.
  • The poles are from large cardboard tubes.
  • The flags are place mats from the Dollar Store.
  • The sword is also made from cardboard.
  • Detailed with spray paint.

How to Make the Treasure Chest Costume:

Here is my 3 year old as a treasure chest that my husband made with all form boxes and paint.  I decorated it by hot gluing on jewelry and plastic coins and we also glued sand and sea shells on the bottom.

  • The treasure chest is also shaped from cardboard boxes.
  • The bottom has real sand and shells attached with hot glue.
  • The plastic coins and jewelry are also attached with hot glue.
  • Details on the treasure chest created with spray paints.

You can check it out the Pirate Ship & Treasure Chest Costumes as well as my other homemade Halloween costumes over on my blog.


DIY Pirate Ship and Treasure Chest Costumes
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
Full Day
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  1. This is amazing!!! I was trying to find the link to the diy page? Is that still around? I’m looking to make myself either a pirate ship or treasure chest for a party!! Would love to see the thoughts about how to do it!!

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