Quick tips and tricks to remove kid stains


No one needs to remind you that kids are messy – every parent knows that. Maybe you learned it the hard way – like me, or you’ve had your mum close by your side to guide you how how to raise your kid and what to expect as they grow up. In my case, things were a lot more different. I had no one to show me how to raise my kid or what to expect as they grew. Well, at least now I know how to deal with all kinds of situations and stains, and I thank my son every day for that.

Just as we thought that stain days were over – more precisely, the poop-and-puke-stain days, John learned how to walk. And that’s when his dad and I found ourselves in a real trouble – we had all those new stains we had to deal with, it was unbearable. Somehow, though, we got through it – and now Professional Cleaning 6000 are here to advise you how to clean the most common kid stains quickly and easily.


You think you’ll remember all of your kid’s soccer games? You won’t – but you’ll remember how well they managed to stain their clothes with grass. Every. Single. Time. But don’t worry – grass is easier to remove than you think – you just have to tackle the stain as soon as possible. Soak the stain in water and regular laundry detergent solution and machine-wash the piece afterwards. You can use chlorine bleach to remove the stain if the cloth is white, but don’t use too much of it as it may damage the fiber.

#2 MUD

However hard you try, you won’t be able to prevent your kid from staining their clothes with mud. However, even though it looks really gross, cleaning mud is quite easy. Either soak the cloth in water for at least 12 hours before washing it, or use a blunt knife or a spatula to scrape off the mud – machine-wash afterwards.


Kids love drawing with crayons, and parents hate cleaning crayon stains. I have to admit, I ruined quite a few of my boy’s shirts until I found the right solution to the crayon problem. In time, I learned that to clean crayon stains, I could rub dish soap into the stain with clean cloth until it starts to fade or wash the stained area with the hottest water the fiber can tolerate.

#4 INK

To remove ink from colored clothes – do like Cleopatra (but without the honey). Make a milk bath for your kid’s stained clothes and leave them overnight. If your kid stained their white clothes – squirt hairspray on the stain – it works, guarantee.


Chocolate makes the perfect treat, but it’s parents’ worst nightmare – and not only because of the damage it can do to their children’s teeth – chocolate is quite difficult to deal with when gets to your kids’ clothes. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, you know. To remove fresh chocolate stains, you’ll need a butter knife, liquid laundry detergent, and patience. Use the butter knife to scrape off any remaining chocolate particles and then rub liquid laundry detergent into the stained area. If you don’t have laundry detergent, use a cleanser that’s meant for the dishwasher – it should do the trick.


Fruit and vegetable juices are important for the healthy development of our children. But when they get on your kid’s shirt, they’re not as nice as you thought, right? Don’t worry – juice stains are removable. Scrape off any pulp and soak the affected area in a white vinegar and regular laundry detergent solution overnight, wash it as the label advises afterwards.

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