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You’ve probably heard me mention once or twice now that I lost both of my Grandmas within just a few months of each other. The majority of the furniture and the old farmhouse and the whole renovation journey started with the passing of my mom’s mom (Grandma Charlotte) whose farm house Joe and I renovated and is now ours. My dad’s mom (Grandma Eleonora) was not what I would have called a hoarder (she just knew how to keep a lot of things) so my dad and his siblings told all of their kids to head over there and pick what they wanted. This rocking chair was one of the pieces I chose and got to keep!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
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    All I can say is that this turned into a much nastier and messier project then I had ever anticipated. The seat was full of some kind of straw and stuff that became like dust and the amount of staples and nails used on all of it was absolutely mind boggling. After two hours of pulling staples and an entire garbage bag full of the incredible amount of stuff that it had been stuffed with, it was ready to be remade and I was ready to never see it again. At some point in this rocking chair’s life it lost the support that had been in the seat. This rocking chair is bigger then it looks and it really needed something besides fabric for that big seat so I picked up a bunch of 1x2s and cut them down to size and covered the seat with a bit of a gap between them, I did the same with the back of the chair too. From there I covered it in batting and chose the coolest fabric that I could find….


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