Shamrock Banner {paper craft}

Constructing a Shamrock Banner or Bunting for St. Patrick’s Day using paper hearts is super easy and inexpensive! You probably even have all the materials you’ll need at home already. Grab the kids and make an adorable banner that is sure to bring you luck! 🙂

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
30 Minutes
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Cut (2) 12X12? pieces of scrapbooking paper into 1? strips. Note: each piece of paper will make two hearts. We used 3 pieces of paper to make 6 hearts.

  • Step 2

    Cut six of each size: 12?, 10?, and 8? strips. Set aside the six 4? strips that came from the 8? cutting. This sounds confusing, but basically, for each piece of paper you’ll have 3 sets of strips. A 12? set, a 10? set, a 8? set and then the 4? left over strips.

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