Stack the Cup Minion Game


Stacking games are fun games for younger age groups, and if you can make them tall enough, you’ll even make older kids challenge themselves and enjoy the fun.  Stack the Minions Party Game is an easy game to play and it doubles as cute DIY Party Decor.  {snicker}

Stack the Minion Cup Game

The Achievement Girls at church made this fun game for our Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts which had a Minion theme.  Didn’t they do such a great job!! {squeal in delight}  I was so grateful for their help.

Minion Cup Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow Cups
  • Large Eyes ~ Googly or Paper
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Glue dots or adhesive

Craft Inspired By:  Despicable Me Family Movie Night

Stack the Minion Game Materials

How to Make:

1. Design the eyeballs.

Circle punch white and black paper for the kids to glue together to create single, double, and triple eyeballs.  Or you can use large and medium sized googly eyes hot-glued on with a low temp glue gun.

The great thing about Minions is they come in all shapes and sizes with one to multiple eyes.  So you can do what the Achievement girls did and only use one eyeball per cup or get more creative and do many.

2.  Glue onto cup.

When you eyeballs are ready, attach them to the cups using a glue dot or any adhesive you have on hand.

3.  Embellish with a black marker.

To finish off the cup Minions, use the black permanent marker to outline the eyes, add a mouth, or any other decorations that you’d like.  Let your imagination run wild!

Stack the Cup Game for Kids

How to Play:

You can play this simple game of stacking cups any way you’d like!  Young kids will enjoy simply stacking and pushing them back down.

While older kids and adults might want to play it as a Minute to Win it game.  Set a 60 second timer to see if they can stack a perfectly aligned triangle tower and then take down the cups one diagonal line at a time before the timer goes off.

Blue and Gold Banquet Games

I used this easy game as an activity for kids at the Blue and Gold Banquet the Cub Scouts. Click over to that link to get the details for all the games and how to make them.

Stack the Cup Minion Game

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