Steps To Follow Which Make Nonstick Cookware Easy To Clean


As the name non-stick suggests nonstick cookware was introduced as an answer to make sure that food does not stick to the cookware when cooking. When preparing a recipe every minor detail counts, therefore you cannot afford any mistakes in your cooking such as ingredients sticking on the pan whereas they weren’t supposed to be sticking.

Always take into account the need of cleaning a new nonstick cookware before using it. For the first time to use the nonstick cookware, clean it with warm soapy water, rinse well and dry it with a soft or linen cloth.It is recommended that you coat the coating surface with a small amount of oil, bake it for some while using low heat then use a clean cloth to wipe it clean. It is also known as conditioning the cooking surface. However this depends on the recommendations given by the manufacturer. This goes a long way in assisting you maintain hygiene of the nonstick cookware. Most people lack to know cleaning nonstick cookware which makes them fall victim to the wrong cleaning methods for nonstick cookware.Nonstick finishes or coatings are relatively thin. That means that they are easily damaged. This calls for a lot of care when cleaning these nonstick cookware. The following steps will help guide you see how nonstick cookware is easy to clean.

• Remove Oily Residues

According to the different recipes some tend to require a larger amount of oil than others.If you are preparing an oily recipe,chances are your nonstick cookware will be left with a greasy residue that is almost sticky on its surface.This sticky residue that refuses to come off can removed by boiling some vinegar mixed with water.

• Let Cookware Cool Slightly

Let the cookware cool down to a point where you can touch the cookware comfortably but still feel some heat. However a lot of care needs to be taken in order to avoid burns from the pan.Rinse away the remaining residue.

• Put Warm Water

Place your cookware into a sink and pour some warm, soapy water. Nonstick cookware is easy to clean because they are specifically designed to cut through grease.

• Wipe Using Sponge

It is said that the number one rule when cleaning your nonstick cookware is to never scrub them. A coating is usually present at the surface as well as on the sides of the cookware so as to allow food and oils glide off gently rather than sticking. You are advised to use a sponge so that you do not scratch the nonstick coating which may end up damaging your nonstick cookware. Use a sponge or piece of cloth to wipe gently. On the tough residues place the sponge or piece of cloth over your thumb nail and give the nonstick cookware a little of a scrape.

Nonstick cookware is easy to clean unlike most people’s perception of nonstick cookware cleaning process. This makes it a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Nonstick cookware should maintain a smooth surface if cleaned properly. These simple steps go a long way in assisting you enjoy more life from your nonstick cookware. It is also highly advisable not to place your nonstick cookware in a dishwasher because of the high heat and strong dish washing detergents. Once you follow these guidelines you will expect longer service from your nonstick cookware.

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    • Remove Oily Residues

  • Step 2

    • Put Warm Water

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