Strange or cool? Carpets made of unusual materials


Carpet – almost all of us have one or probably more at home. Wall-to-wall pastel carpet in the bedroom or colourful rug in the living room – carpets and rugs are just the perfect home decoration. Like any other decorations and items at the house, they need to be well-taken care of. Everybody would like to keep the carpets clean and good looking for longer. And there is a lot of information on- and offline with tested methods and advice on how to do that the most appropriate way. If you take a minute and read some of the materials on the topic, you’ll understand that it is of great importance to know what your carpeting is made of.

You can find out everything about wool carpets or synthetic fibres, how to remove stains and for which types of rugs hot water or steam can be used without damages and discolouring. That’s nice but … what if the carpet is made of something else, something unusual?

You will probably ask:
What unusual material a carpet could be made of? Prepare to be surprised by the answer, here I’m giving you just 7 examples but that’s definitely not all. Cool or strange – that I leave for you to decide.

1. Glass

For me “glass carpets” look more like glass flooring but as I’m not the one making the classification, it is just one opinion. They are mostly transparent, seem a little bit slippery and although they are probably easier to clean, you will need a window cleaning service instead of the help of pro carpet cleaner. However, I need to admit that they look really interesting and the idea of having some kind of a window on the floor is not so bad.

2. Wood

My first reaction of the term “wooden carpet” was … hardwood floor. But I was wrong. Wooden carpets are very unusual creations and I can even talk about them as pieces of art. Such constructions of small wooden pieces can be used also for building other decorative items like vases, sculptures, frames. And they all look WOW.

3. Rope

Maybe this one is not so strange because ropes are usually made of synthetic or natural fibres (manila hemp, hemp, linen, cotton, coir, jute, straw, and sisal). Some of these materials are used for carpets and rugs. But I think it counts for unusual as for making the carpet the rope itself was used.

4. Books

This is one of the hundreds DIY ideas for making a rug, by yourself. It does not include clothes or old textiles but only old books, and particularly the books’ spines. This is amazing way to give damaged books new purpose and new life. Imagine how great such a carpet would look in a library or a bookstore.

5. Recycled materials

There are so many examples of this that I don’t know where to start – old textiles and clothes, plastic bags, metal or plastic caps and so on and so on …

6. Urethane foam

Here I’m just speechless. It would never come to my mind that foam can be used in such a way. The result is interesting but is it cool enough for everybody?

7. More!

At some point of my research, I just stopped making suggestions because it appeared that people made “carpets” of very and many unusual materials. I was just afraid that my wildest guesses may have been already turned into reality.

No matter what a carpet is made of, it may be the perfect decoration for your home. It only depends on your personal requirements and taste. Don’t let such things like care or cleaning to change your mind. If you want to have a particular piece and buying it won’t break the bank, just go ahead and enjoy the feeling.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- $50 to $100
Long Term
-- -- --


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