Tips and Advice for Visiting Fraser Island


Fraser Island is a great place to see all things nature and natural. Glistening beaches, lakes, creeks, and rainforests will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Here’s a list of places that you need to see and what you should be doing there:

75-Mile Beach

Go four-wheel driving along 75-Mile Beach, embracing the view of a beautiful shore-side as you go. You could be lucky and see the famous pure-bred dingo along the way too! No four-wheel drive? Fishing booms all year round, so it’s also a great place to go and catch a feed for yourself or your family.

The protected and calm waters between Hervey Bay Marine Park and Fraser Island bring in hundreds of humpback whales and their calves each year. You can see these marine beasts from 75-Mile Beach between June and October, but it’s recommended to take a whale-watching boat cruise to enjoy the experience to its full potential. If you want to locate great accommodations anywhere along the way, check online at Stayz.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek pours up to four million litres of pure and clean water every hour. Pack your inflatable beach chair and float or swim down the quick-moving stream all the way to the beach. The creek’s direction of flow is reliant upon certain conditions, so if you go twice you could end up floating in the other direction!

Champagne Pools

A spa bath made by mother nature herself, Champagne Pools are named so by the foamy waters that are created from ocean waves colliding with rocks by shallow sand pools. Although it’s salt-water and you need to be careful of sharp rocks with strong currents, this is a great place to be with some friends.

SS Maheno Shipwreck

The SS Maheno is one of the many ships that has been claimed victim of Fraser Island’s waters. Now, it’s a great tourist attraction and is the perfect spot to take a photo of a ship that met its end in 1935.

While you’re nearby and on your photography adventure, check out the colourful sands of The Pinnacles too.

Central Station

Right at the heart of Fraser Island is Central Station—a botanical garden along the crystal-clear waters of Wanggoolba Creek. This area has plenty of history: Over 100 years ago this was an aboriginal area for Butchulla women and at the same time it was a birthing place that men were completely excluded from. It was then turned into a headquarters for forestry operations, but today, the surrounding plants and trees make it a perfect place for a picnic. You could also choose to go for a stroll along the creek’s walking track to discover more of the island’s beauty. Maybe try spotting some eels, turtles, fish, or even the king fern Angiopteris Evecta, which is only found in this part of the island.

Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby has impeccably clear waters that run deeper than any other lakes on the island. It’s a barrage lake and also a window lake, but to get to it you’ll need to go through either a forest on one side, or the sandy desert of Hammerstone Sandblow on the other. It’s well worth the walk to see this beautiful haven though!

Indian Head

Climb up Indian head for the opportunity to see plenty of marine life from a great position. Looking at both the South and North coastlines, you could see some sharks, large rays, turtles, whales, or dolphins!

You could also keep on the lookout for some of the 354 bird species that have been recorded on this island, some of them are quite rare.

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