Tips for Amazing Holiday for Couples in Croatia’s South


Eastern and Northern Europe are known for their exquisite, breathtaking scenery, and Croatia is not an exception. The sunsets of Zadar are famously declared by master filmmaker Alfred Hithcock as the best in the world and the tranquil environment on the exotic island of Sipan off the coast of Dubrovnik is claimed unparalleled by tourists from all around the world.

Below we’re going to go through few tips for couples to make the best out of their trip to the Croatian south.

Reserve early

The Croatian coast usually gets jammed from middle June to middle August. Croatia holiday villas are scarce and prices in general are at their highest point. To avoid that you should reserve early or steer away completely from the summer season.

Learn Croatian

Learning few words such as greetings or small sentences to express your basic needs will go a long way in making your stay as trouble and worry free as possible. Most Croatians are multi-lingual but showing that you cared enough to learn the language can work wonders.

Consider buses

Croatia is well-renowned for its excellent bus system. Whether you’re going on an active holidays Croatia offers, or perhaps a Dubrovnik excursion and city walls tour, the Croatian bus is always an effective and cost-efficient way to reach your destination. If you’re brining your car, make sure that you get to the car ferry at least few hours before taking off because the car ferry-managing company sells only tickets and doesn’t take reservations.

Plan ahead

Visiting places such as Zadar to watch the beautiful sunset with your significant other is a must when you’re traveling to Croatia so as spending at least a day on the beautiful island of Sipan. Planning your itinerary ahead is crucial so you don’t miss out on any of Croatia’s exotic places.

Carry cash

In Croatia ATMs are everywhere but you’ll find that some restaurants and stores accept only cash. A quick inquiry before deciding on a restaurant to have a meal is advised. Apart from restaurant and small stores, big hotels, car rentals, and ferry companies accept credit cards.

Buy some wine at supermarket

A decent bottle of wine can cost as low as six euros at the supermarket. Keeping a bottle of wine in your hotel room always comes handy for a night indoor when you’re traveling with your significant other.

Discover Zadar

You’re forgiven if you think that Zadar is all about the beautiful sunset and breathtaking seaside view but the town is no less attractive. You can enjoy the Music Nights Festival in the summer, or romantically wonder the narrow streets of the town while holding hands and eating ice cream. The architecture in Croatia is wonderful to say the least.

Be aware and respectful

Mingle with the locals, they’re very helpful. Always keep an eye open for the beautiful nature of Croatia. Bring a camera to document the unforgettable scenery and have a splendid time.
To have the best vacation possible, a couple should always steer away from trouble by abiding to the country’s rules. Croatia has a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving so if you’re bringing your car always make sure that you’re sober before driving.

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