Tips for Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne


With the exception of the people involved, there is nothing more important for a successful wedding reception than the venue it is held at. From beautiful homesteads to stunning botanical gardens and more, there’s no shortage of prospective wedding reception venues in Melbourne for couples to choose from. In fact, the number of options available can make the choice seem daunting and difficult. Fortunately, there are several things you can take into consideration that will help you narrow down the list and select a venue that best suits your needs, accommodates your budget, and fulfils your dreams. For your benefit, this useful article contains several questions you can ask yourself to help inform your choice.

What is Your Budget?

At the end of the day, you need to look for wedding reception venues in Melbourne that will accommodate your budget. This will immediately eliminate a number of options that are outside your financial grasp. Coming to terms with the reality of your financial constraints will help you avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner and simplify the process of planning your wedding. It’s important to remember that you can still have the wedding of your dreams even if you can’t afford the most unique or extravagant venue.

How Many People Are Invited?

It’s vital that you search for wedding reception venues in Melbourne that can accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited. If you have a large number of guests attending, you don’t want to select a venue that’s too small, too cramped, and lacks sufficient seating for them to enjoy the proceedings in comfort. And if you have a small number of guests, you don’t want to select a venue that’s too large and spacious, resulting in the intimacy of the occasion being lost. The earlier you determine the number of guests you’re inviting (while keeping your budget in mind), the easier it will be to select an appropriately sized wedding venue.

What is the Location of the Venue?

When looking at wedding reception venues in Melbourne, you need to be mindful of the location, as some guests may need to travel a significant distance. If possible, you’ll want to minimise the hassle and expenses your guests will have to endure to reach the venue, so it’s worthwhile looking for venues in close proximity to airports, highways and railway stations. If you do decide to book a venue that is more difficult to reach, you should take the time to work out details regarding travel and accommodation so that your guests are prepared well in advance.

What Type of Venue Do You Want?

wedding reception venues in MelbourneFor some couples, working together to choose the type of venue is easy. Other couples, however, can clash if they don’t agree on the style, theme or budget. This can lead to some upsetting arguments and frustrating compromises that are best avoided if possible. Selecting wedding reception venues in Melbourne that match each of your preferences involves having a discussion where you take each other’s feelings into account. This might include drawing up lists that contain the features you want so that you can find some common ground.

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