Tips for Family and Budget-Friendly Holidays in Hong Kong


Most globetrotters love a good bargain, especially when traveling with their clan. Based on people’s experiences and reviews, we have contrived five handy tips that will help you to subsist on just a few dollars when you are hanging out with your clan for weeks or months in Hong Kong:


Hong Kong bustles with tourists all year round thanks to its many trade fairs, a thriving tourist market and business conventions. Thus, on last count, there were about 56 500 hotel rooms. There is a lot of demand for accommodation in this city as compared to other Asian cities, therefore, the overall rates for accommodation are much higher. Despite that, the quality and comfort of the hotel rooms do not always match the amount of money you shell out.

With all these, you might be, understandably, tempted to lodge in hostels where you share one bathrooms, and put up with loud snoring and other unpleasant inconveniences. But you do not really have to do that. You can get great bang for your buck at the YMCA Salisbury Hotel in Kowloon. This hotel has suites that are ideal for families. Moreover, their prices are cheaper considering all the conveniences they offer, its location near local attractions and other enticing amenities.


Public transportation in Hong Kong is a very efficient, yet inexpensive means of moving from one place to another. You can get an octopus card from a subway station or the airport, and it will save you lots of money for all your family’s wide range of transportation needs. It is prudent to forego airport shuttle and taxis as they can charge you exorbitantly. Move around using public transport or on your two feet so as to save heaps of cash and time.


You can head to the Luk Yu Teahouse, a dim sum restaurant, and relish on brunch. It is located on Central Island and has two levels where the waiters move around showcasing their delicacies. Get there before 11.00 am because after that, the traditional menu takes over. For dinner, head to the many food stalls along the Temple or Stanley Street Markets where you can chow down on one of the many local seafood specialties. By dining in the listed places, you will be avoiding overrated dining places such as the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant and the Peninsula Hotel.

Sight-Seeing and Entertainment

There are many places in Hong Kong you can have fun and educational encounters for little to no cost at all. You can head to the Yuen Po Bird Market to restore your chi with a foot massage or you can visit a wellness and massage spa, let the whole family relax and even treat some common medical conditions with massage therapy, Hong Kong is known for the magic hands of their massage therapists. You can go to the Victoria Peak and stroll around the perimeter. If you want to see the glittery city lights at night, then ride the star ferry at night. There is a welcome respite waiting for you at the outlying Lantau Island. And so many other ways to while away time, get entertained and educated without breaking a bank.


Hong Kong is undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise, which is why many consider shopping malls and markets among the best things in Hong Kong. For inexpensive, albeit cheesy, knick-knacks, you can find great value in the open markets and dusty curio shops. Standard grocery stores provide an impressive array of cookies, tea, candies and crackers that can be conveniently carried back home. You can find great and better deals buying luxury handbags here and glitzy jewelry. There is everything for everyone: ceramic pots, Chinese curios, jade and amazing jewelry. All at amazing prices.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
4 Hours
-- -- Travel

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