Tips for Family Summer Holidays in Croatia


There are locations that we know and there are places we never know of. Croatia, a beautiful country which consists of a combination of both natural and manmade beauty is a place where we can actually rejuvenate ourselves.

With parks, beaches, sea view, mediaeval castles and mind-boggling natural beauty, the place has been growing steadily in the field of tourism, and gained more popularity after selected as the sets for one of the blockbuster TV shows, i.e. Game of Thrones. The place has a look of old and the new and one can relishes their vacation by a lot of sightseeing and indulging in variety of activities.

Planning a vacation is a big task in itself. But traveling with family is lot more tedious, especially if we are traveling with kids, or elderly people. There are routines to be maintained, comforts and requirements to be taken care of and what not. Croatia takes care of all these concerns. It is a perfectly romantic honeymoon location for some, but if we are taking our family we ought not to worry too much. Most of the hotels and restaurant understand the needs of the family and there is no scornful look if a baby needs its diaper changed.

Special care and attention are provided for the children and some hotels or restaurants even offers to baby sit the child while we are having our lunch or dinner. The fresh air and the availability of the basic amenities actually makes us feel like home with lot of helping hand. The people are hospitable and are respectful towards the elders, though one might feel the necessity to bring their own wheelchair or a pram to accommodate that special person in our family.

Croatia is mainly divided into three “zones”, namely Dubrovnik and islands, Istrian Riviera and Dalmatian coast and island. The zones act like the unseen difference between the landscapes and culture in some sense but have their own tastes and experience. The modes of traveling between these places are by road mainly, where one can choose a bus or hire their own car, though some parts of Dubrovnik are not entirely covered by bus service. There are definitely some varieties of local delicacies, but we also get the regular food. The quality is good and even offers something unique on our plates.

The sightseeing includes the medieval buildings in Dubrovnik and places around it. The other place one can go and visit are the beaches. While most of the beaches are spellbinding, some even take the phrase “paradise on Earth” to the next level. Another great acitivity popular among tourists, especially families, is sailing. Families can easily contact a Croatia boat rental and arrange their sailing adventure. There are choice between a short trip or full day booking and gives an insight of the stunning islands and beaches which are less explored but quite safe. With the package of something as close as fantasyland, Croatia is a must visit for travel lovers along with their family.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
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