Tips on Removing Dirt and Grass Stains from Your Carpet

Having grass and dirt stains on the carpet is not unusual. Whether it is the dog who brought in the dirt in, or it fell down right from your shoes, the stains are all the same – bad looking and hard to clean. There are several ways to clean such stains and I must say I find them quite useful. One of them appeals to me the most and was really easy to follow. Using toxic cleaning solutions never worked for me so I often rely on old proven methods and natural cleaning solutions. One of my favourite is using baking soda and vinegar. They are perfect for removing stale odours and stubborn stains.

Luckily, dirt doesn’t require that much treatment. Specialist cleaners from Blacktown say that a simple, mild detergent and a bit of scrubbing usually works very well. But what really matters for cleaning dirt stains is the right pre-treatment. Usually fresh stains are treated almost immediately to avoid leaving permanent spots, but this one has its own different story. It is preferable to leave the dirt stain it to dry and harden and then remove the residue from the fabric. Usually, these stains are easier to remove when they have dried up.

Qualified carpet cleaners in Blacktown recommend that you avoid using toxic chemical cleaners to solve your cleaning problems. They can be extremely dangerous for your health, if handled incorrectly. You need to know the basic rules for using toxic cleaners to be able to avoid unpleasant and unhealthy chemicals and incidents.
Don’t ever think of drying your garment before you are sure that the stain is completely gone. Drying the stain can make it permanent or in the best case very hard to clean. ( Of course, this rule doesn’t count for dirt stains.)

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
30 Minutes
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    You need to take a dull, plastic knife or a spoon and gently scrape off the dirt with it.

  • Step 2

    Leave the cleaner to soak in and do its work for a couple of minutes and then wash it away with warm water.


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