Tips to arrange a good picnic date


A picnic is an event where you go on with your family or friends to enjoy in outside which is also like a transportable party. In that way gives you the idea to organize as you are making arrangements for a party. You need to plan where, when and with whom you are planning to go. Essentially a good picnic is where you are a going to good location with a bunch of great people on a sunny day by packing some good food and drinks.

First you need to select a good location and pass them a message to all. By choosing the location helps you to determine the food and the drinks you have to take. You can choose anywhere even your courtyard is a good place to hang out or maybe a place by the sea or at mountains would be ideal.

Make sure you ensure that there’s availability of water and rest rooms if in case you have small kids. There are few things you need to take into consideration when choosing the location whether it’ll accommodate a large group of people or if you are taking the dog if it’s a pet friendly place for him and the safety. If you are leaving the house for a day you may be need to hire someone to housesitting to ensure your safety of the house.

Even it’s good if you organize on a morning with a cool temperature or maybe afternoon when it’s warm outside and you can enjoy the breeze while sitting on greenly grass. Even going during nights will be fascinating since you can take alone a grill to have a small bbq party.
You need to keep in mind of the unique needs of the guest whether there are elder people who might need a small chair to sit or whether there are younger guests, need to plan to bring kid friendly food or organize some activities and games while the old ones are chatting.

When you have sorted the location you might need to decide whether it’s comfortable to sit on grass or nicely flat rock or you might need to take old table cloths or quilts or blankets to ensure some comfort zone. Even taking lawn chairs is also a great idea if sitting on the ground is not a good option.

You have to think of a way to take the food maybe it’s a wooden picnic basket or maybe a big beach bag. By choosing a basket will be lot easier to arrange the food and other items neatly. If you going for hiking or climbing a bag pack would be ideal for the day since it’ll be easier for you to carry.

The food plays an important role during the picnic

You need to pack food which won’t be hard to eat while sitting like spaghetti. Maybe sandwiches, finger foods or mini burgers with salad are cool ideas. If you are bringing salad remember to take a cooler and to have a chill drink. Even a dessert picnic would be a fun idea where you can take macaroons or cookies or mini tarts with fruits from homemade with a cup of tea or coffee. You might need to use a combination of disposable containers, utensils and plates. And also take napkins, paper napkins would be easier and no need to wash.

Always take garbage bags to take the garbage home or to throw to a bin which would make the place nicer than before.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
Full Day
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Find a place

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