Tools for Removing Plaster from Your Wall

The beauty your house really matters a lot. There are different ways of making your house to look better. Among the ways, include removal of plaster so that you do it again.


The process of removing plaster from your wall is not a very difficult task to perform but only requires that you take your time to do it well. During the process of construction, there are certain strips of wood used behind the walls to support the plaster. The pieces nailed on the walls are called lath. It is upon you to remove the lath since it is not mandatory for you to do so. The strips are very important for the provision of a solid as well as a stable foundation in relation to the different dry wall boards.

As you remove the plastering from the wall, your health really, matters hence you should not take anything for granted. You can use the dust extractor to ensure that you do not face problems to do with respiratory difficulties that are likely to result from the dust at the work place. The dust extractor will help in the collection and the filtering of the dust that might prove very dangerous to you.

The Dust Extractor come in different sizes and unique configurations from each other. The variability is because of the type of filtration that each of them is able to deal with. As you choose on the devices, you have to make sure that you select the one that suits the type of wall you are going to work on and not just any that you come across in the market. You can wear gloves, the eyewear and earplugs to enhance your safety since the exercise is a dangerous one and anything is likely to happen to you.

If the plaster that you want to remove is within the inside walls of your house, you will be required to remove all the pieces of furniture for the sake of avoiding further costs of repair that might be because of the breakages. You floor will also need some form of protection. You look for some old pieces of iron sheets or any other material to help you in the same for your own good. The plaster that you would have removed needs to be collected ad taken to a different place hence there will be the need to have the garbage can with you so that the process becomes simple and effective. In case the wall of your house has, some screws or certain plates do not just work on it that since you might them later. Using a screwdriver, you can safely remove them and have them kept at a secure place for future use.

Walls at times have electric lines or the plumbing lines. Removal of the plaster without checking for the same presents you with many risks that include electric shock among others. Therefore, you should take your time to see how the different lines are connected in order for you for to do a job that will be satisfying by the end of the day. With the wall well supported, you can get the plaster off the wall with the use of a hammer.

Benefits of a Dust Extractor:

  • AUTOCLEAN automatic main filter cleaning system with infinitely adjustable cleaning intervals
  • 99.95 separation efficiency at .03 microns
  • Approval for dust class L or M
  • Antistatic function prevents static build-up during use
  • Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine
  • Attachment of Systainers via Sys-Dock
  • Hose garage and cable windup for greater tidiness and safety
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
Over $100
30 Minutes


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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Built-in power take off socket allows power tool connection for automatic switching of the vacuum system
    Each filter is automatically cleaned every 15 seconds reducing filter clogging and delivering constant air flow
    Wet and dry pick up with variable suction control allows for the reduction of suction power if required
    Constant suction power even with the finest concrete and wood dust
    Innovative dual filter cleaning system maintains performance during tough construction applications


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