Treat Your Ingrown Toenail With These 5 Natural Home Remedies

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Are you suffering from an ingrown toenail? Ingrown toenails are truly painful, and can be extremely difficult to deal with. Worst of all, they can lead to infections that have serious repercussions.

If you have an ingrown toenail or are susceptible to them, the following 5 natural home remedies can help you to prevent getting an ingrown toenail if you do not currently have one, and can also help you to treat an ingrown toenail if you have one right now…

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    1. Soak Your Foot In A Warm Foot Bath

    Soaking your foot in a warm foot bath is a wonderful way to treat an ingrown toenail. You can do so one to three times per day.

    This will draw toxins out of the area, and can lessen the amount of swelling in the area. It will also greatly reduce the discomfort. Add a small amount of Epsom salt to the water for optimal results.

  • Step 2

    2. Do A Thorough Epsom Salt Soak

    If adding a small amount of Epsom salt helped you out, consider doing a thorough Epsom salt soak. Epson salt has natural properties that reduce inflammation, and can help your ingrown toenail to correct itself.

    This is a great idea for anyone who is not allergic to sulfur. To do a Epsom salt soak, just add approximately a quarter of a cup of Epsom salt to warm water and soak your feet in the water for at least fifteen minutes.

  • Step 3

    3. Use Tea Tree Oil To Kill Any Fungus

    Tea tree oil is an amazing natural ingredient that promotes healing. It is known for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, and can help you to eliminate any growing infection in your ingrown toenail.

    Be sure to pick a tea tree oil product that is designed to be used topically for best results. Wash the affected area and then apply the tea tree oil. After that, pull on a pair of white socks and let your skin absorb the oil.

  • Step 4

    4. Use Products Containing Calendula

    Calendula is another amazing ingredient that can help to reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing as a result of your ingrown toenail. It can also help to reduce the amount of inflammation that occurs.

  • Step 5

    5. Place A Small Piece of A Cotton Ball On The Affected Area

    One last way that you can speed up the healing process is by placing a small piece of a cotton ball right where the ingrown toenail is.

    The cotton ball will keep the nail from directly contacting the area of skin where the ingrown toenail is so that you can get some relief from the pain quickly and easily.


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