Tricks to Make Children Do Their Homework


Homework is a tedious subject, not only for children, but for parents as well. If your child does not complete the work on time, it is you who are going to get into trouble. You will be known as a careless and irresponsible parent. More importantly, your child will fall back on the lessons and will lose motivation to study at all. As a parent,it is your responsibility to motivate your child during such hard times. Of course, a regular speech is not going to work during such circumstances. You need to be a little strategic. So, here are some tricks that you might be grateful for.

Pavlov Them

Although it is not a new idea, why not try something that actually works? Conditioning your child to do the homework by giving them a good reward is quite a successful trick. Every time your child finishes his or her homework on time, you can reward him or her with something appealing. This could be chocolate, toys or even an extra 10 minutes of play time. Once your child gets used to this routine, he or she will automatically do the homework without being told.

Teach Them

What this means is to make your child become aware of reality. Reality is quite scary. If you do not inform your child about the consequences of this behavior, you cannot expect him or her to change at all. You need to educate your child that homework is important to successfully grasp the lessons. You must also teach them that avoiding homework is a form of disrespecting their teachers. If your child becomes aware of what he or she is actually doing, there can be room for change.

Motivate Them

You have to admit it, homework can be terribly boring at times, especially if it concerns a subject that you dislike. If this is the case, your task is to motivate your child. The trick is to use the right things to increase their involvement. An easy way is to buy them colourful and unique stationery items. When children are gifted with such items, they are usually more motivated to use them often. If your child has a customized Batman pen or a Barbie eraser, you can be assured that he or she will definitely do the homework on time.

Help Them

Sometimes children avoid homework not because they are lazy, but because it is hard. You need to find out the reason for this behavior before you utilize a technique to correct it. If your child does not understand a particular subject or lesson, offer to help. If you patiently explain the lesson to your child, he or she will definitely understand. If you are not very familiar with the subject, you can look for tutor to help your child. Either way, make sure to get help for your child before he or she loses hope.

Just because your children are not doing homework, it does not mean that you should punish them. Such behavior is completely normal during this age. Instead of criticizing them, help them to get back on their feet.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
Full Day
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Pavlov the children

  • Step 2

    Motivate Them

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