Water Bottle Relay Race a Shoe Game


I volunteered at Drake’s 11 Year Old Scout Camp today and boy was it so much fun.  I was only there a few hours but my favorite part of Scout Camp was a game they called the “water bottle game”.  It was hysterical!

Water Bottle Game Shoe Relay Race

Water Bottle Relay Race

It’s a relay race where the boys line up in two teams, and go toe to toe throwing their shoes at a standing water bottle while standing on a chair. The first person to hit the water bottle over with their shoe ~ wins!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 chairs
  • 1 water bottle

How to Play:

  1. Separate the kids into two teams.
  2. Assign each kid a number, same numbers for each team.
  3. Have the kids take off one shoe.
  4. Yell out a number.
  5. Relay Race ~ Have 2 kids with that number, jump on a chair and throw their shoe at the water bottle.

How to Win:

  • The first player to knock down the water bottle wins.
  • Continue playing until each player has had a a turn.
  • Team with the most points ~ win!

Water Bottle Relay Race with Shoe

Drake was on the red and green team.  They lined up with their shoe in one hand anxiously awaiting their number to be called out.  Drake was assigned #11.

#11 is called and Drake darts as fast as he can to the chair.  Hops on and continues to throw his shoe at the water bottle before his opponent knocks it down first.

When everyone has a turn, the score is announced, and celebrating erupts.  It was awesome.  The boys LOVED it.

PVC Team Flag for Scout Camp

I was also impressed with the PVC team flags and their holders.  Genius.

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