What Can Food-And-Wine Loving Travellers Expect in Australia?

Famously known for their beautiful beaches and coastal adventures, memorable food and wine experiences near the sea, relaxing dates by the lake, and strikingly amazing views throughout the entire country, Australia is one of the top places for tourists to travel to this year. With 7.6 million visitors estimated to visit this gorgeous country, what can food and wine lovers expect? Well, freedom and creativity in the kitchen of course!


Australians thrive on ‘naked’ wines and creating dishes that use local ingredients, fresh produce, and innovative flavours. Here are some of the best places to check out delicious food and wine in Australia’s major cities.

Adelaide, South Australia

With 18 wine regions in South Australia, you will fall in love with the places and flavours you can experience here. Delicious seafood, freshly picked apples, free-range eggs, newly pressed olive oil, and award-winning artisan cheeses are just a few things that the Adelaide Central Market is known for. If you are looking for a mouth watering dishes that utilizes the very best of South Australia, check out Sean’s Kitchen for an experience you will always remember.


There has been a huge spike in ‘naked’ or natural wines that capture the true essence of South Australia lately. So, no matter if you prefer red or white wine, you will find your taste buds jumping for joy at Australia’s cool climate wine capital. The Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills are known for exquisite Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling while Langhorne Creek is famous for their high-quality reds. With so many wine regions to choose from, you are sure to find your favorite here.

Melbourne in Victoria, Australia

Besides being known for their beautiful landscape, Melbourne is a city infatuated with coffee. At almost every corner, the tantalizing smell of coffee is almost unavoidable. But, there are no complaints over here! With the new wave of specialty roasters and multi-roaster cafes, it is a coffee lover’s dream. With places like Market Lane and Everyday Coffee, you will be sure to get your coffee fix.


With the use of cultured vegetables on the rise, fermented foods are becoming quite popular again. With places like Rice Queen that specializes in shared dining and trying as many flavours as possible, you are sure to make your tummy happy! If you are looking for a great atmosphere, multicultural bliss, and scrumptious treats, it is almost mandatory to check out Queen Victoria Market. Seen as the heart and soul of Melbourne, this place will engage all of your senses.

Sydney, Capital of New South Wales

Acknowledged for being one of Australia’s largest cities, it is famous for their stunning coastline, delectable meals, and dynamic food scene. With the latest food trends in Australia including farm-to-fork eating, comfort food, and the nation’s obsession with barbecuing, Sydney has a plethora of places to get your taste buds dancing. From iconic award-winning restaurants to traditional pubs and rooftop bars, you will understand how Sydney is one of the world’s greatest dining destinations.


If you are looking for an intriguing place to eat in Sydney, look no further than Berowra Waters Inn located in the secluded native bush setting of the Hawkesbury River. Accessible only by seaplane, boat, or ferry, this gem is an icon for enjoying ‘degustation’ and tasty dishes in Sydney. Merging internationally awarded architecture with spectacular cuisine and an extraordinary wine collection, there is no better way to treat your taste buds than to enjoy the ambiance and flavours of this restaurant.

When looking for a combination of the best food and beverages, don’t miss out on the Your Good Food and Wine Adventure at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, 5-7 August 2016. Showcasing hundreds of local and international exhibitors, you are sure to find what you love at this festival.


With wine courses, wine events, wine tours and wine tasting options in Sydney, you are guaranteed to taste the culture all throughout the year here. Finding bottle shops in Sydney is easier than ever and will make sure that you’ll never miss out on the wine way of life here. After a day of tasting, drinking, and lounging, getting souvenirs to bring back those amazing memories is inevitable.

What food and wine lovers can expect in Australia is an experience like never before. With breath-taking views, delectable wines, and captivating restaurants, the innovative and artistic food scene will leave you wanting more.

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