Who Wants to be a Minion-aire? {free printable}


Who Wants to be a Minion-aire? is a fun worksheet that makes a cute gathering game for a Blue and Gold banquet.  I didn’t make this game up, I found it.

It’s also an easy activity for kids and adults of all ages. Here’s a Minion Selfie Station or photo booth idea that I created for our Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts which had a Minion theme.

Who Wants to be a Minion-aire?

This is an easy multiple choice game to play.  I changed several of the original questions so they educate parents on how the Cub Scouting program works and to answer frequently asked questions.

Who Wants to be a Minion-aire

EHprint Free Printable File:
Who Wants to be a Minion-aire (355 downloads)

 How to Make:

1. Print and Play!

Simply print out the game and cut in half as there are two to a page.

Craft Inspired By:  Who wants to be a “Minion” aire?
Clip Art:  Scout Minion Clip Art 

Cub Scouting Blue and Gold Banquet Circle Tables

How to Play:

There are many ways you can play this easy game.  You can use it as a gathering game as people arrive and have little prizes for those who complete the questionnaire.  Another option is to play as an entire group and go over the questions.

I used this easy game as an activity for kids at the Blue and Gold Banquet the Cub Scouts. Click over to that link to get the details for all the games and how to make them.

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